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     OSU concept roof wind turbines

   Check out for discussion of a concept for wind turbines


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envision these atop city hall

or the Hanna Building where Cleveland Foundation has their offices. For City Hall, I see them as a sort of "back atcha" to the lawn ornament at the Great Lakes Science Center. The turbines could dialogue or whir in harmony across the highway. For the Hanna Building they could be Ronn Richard's own unique flagstaff. He could  move from the little one Norm photographed in his window ledge to the real thing out there for all to see. This is great way for those who talk the talk to walk the walk. Maybe you should suggest it to Mr. Richard at the upcoming Forum at CSU on Januray 18, 2006. more about that here. Hope to see you there.

This is very cool. I want to

This is very cool. Excellent article very worth reading. I want to see some local building owners doing things like this and the students and faculty and entrepreneurs making things like this here. Time for something new and exciting to happen with sustainability on our skyline!

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Interesting plan for wind on Lake Erie

In the 1/12/07 Plain Dealer there is a front page, section 1 article "Wind power along Lake Erie just might fly" that explains "An energy task force will recommend to Cuyahoga County commissioners next month that the region pursue a demonstration project of four to 10 turbines, spinning at least three miles out on Lake Erie." It is worth reading the article. It seems the focus of the task force is somewhat unique in that they are proposing "The county should seek experts to direct the demonstration project and detail how the region would position itself as a center for off-shore wind power development and manufacturing, officials said." So this is different than a commercial venture, where a wind power development company is seeking to develop wind here, but rather some sort of public initiative to develop wind here, in part to show we can and use that to bring more of the wind equipment manufacturing sector here. I will be interesting to see what is in the final proposal.

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