Mayor Campbell unveils the Waterfront District Plan

Submitted by Ed Hauser on Tue, 09/20/2005 - 14:23.

On September 20th, Mayor Jane Campbell held a press conference to announce the Cleveland Waterfront District Plan.

With a crystal clear sky at Strawbridge Plaza on the lakefront, Mayor Campbell thanked all those involved over a three year period to make the Waterfront District Plan happen. That included input of citizens, the Lakefront Plan Advisory Committee, the Cleveland and Gund Foundations along with many others. The plan was approved by the Cleveland City Planning Commission in December 2004, but today was the official distribution of "Connecting Cleveland the Waterfront District Plan" document to the public.

The mayor mentioned that "the plan is only as good as its implementation." Then she went on to list the numerous accomplishments since the plan started with about $100 million in investments. Some of those included the acquistion of the historic Coast Guard Station, Strawbridge Plaza, Quay 55 housing units, the Mather lease extension, Veterans Memorial Bridge pedestrian walkway project, westside lakefront bikeway...

Mayor Campbell said that a combined $395 million is expected to be invested in such projects as the Westside Lakefront Boulevard, the Flats East Bank development, Battery Park housing, a pedestrian bridge at Dock 32 to Voinovich Park, new parks at Whiskey Island and Dike 14. She concluded by saying that, "this plan is more than paper, we are reclaiming our lake and waterfront for the ages."

For more information click on the Waterfront District Plan here.