Another U.S. nuclear worker found dead — Third death at nuke plant this month

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RC: Event Notification Report for February 19, 2013: Brunswick Nuclear Plant, North Carolina [...] OFFSITE NOTIFICATION DUE TO ONSITE CONTRACTOR FATALITY [Feb. 16, 2013] At approximately 1318 hours (EST), the Main Control Room was notified of a contract employee slumped over on a fork lift inside the protected area. First Responders were dispatched to the scene. Off-site assistance was requested and arrived on-site at approximately 1330 hrs. CPR was administered by the First Responders and Paramedics. At 1403 hrs., the paramedics determined that the efforts to revive the patient were unsuccessful. The cause of death has not yet been determined. [...]

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Death on February 19th: Worker dies at U.S. nuclear plant -- Same day local news airs investigation into "alarming pattern" of safety violations (VIDEO)

Death on February 7th: Strange Days at U.S. Nuclear Plant: "Individual" lying on ground unconscious, pronounced dead -- Possible human remains found soon after... "Obviously, it’s quite rare"


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