I promised Susan puppies... now what to feed it?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 11/24/2007 - 20:49.

Cane Corso at 8 and 14 weeks

I love animals and always enjoy the company of dogs... here is my current pup, shown at around 8 and 14 weeks. She's a Cane Corso so will be big and eat more than the scraps my family will produce. I know having a dog raises environmental issues, including what to feed it. I don't know of any local dog food sources, or good dog food sources of any sort... there is the transportation, and to the extent you feed dogs what people need, or what harms the environment to produce, you are putting a dog before a human, which may not be wrong. In any case, I'm interested in finding a locally-sourced, healthy, organic food for my beast... anyone know af any solutions or want to join in creating one, if needed?

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what a cutie!

The dog is beautiful! I can't wait to meet her/him!

I have a wonderful Veterinarian who says that most grocery store foods are corn leftovers; she suggests feeding dry foods formulated for animals that have a wider variety of foodstuffs. So I buy Wellness at Coventry Cats. I found this vet at Blue Cross Animal Hospital years ago after a vet who was just out of school laid his brusque bedside manner on my puppy and terrified her. Nan Decker on the other hand got down on the floor with my dogs, sang to them as she examined them and gave them shots took blood, etc. and generally made them feel like they were being cuddled instead of being poked and prodded. I followed Nan after she sold the practice and ultimately found her practicing in Northfield. She had taken a year or so off and studied Chinese medicine and now applies that learning to caring for pets. I couldn't be happier. She is far from my Cleveland Heights home, but the visits are well worth the drive. Her practice is called Wellness Path.

I don't know of any locally sourced dog food, but then I don't know of any locally sourced rice either.

Thanks for sharing this puppy. By the way, Norm, today's header is the best I have seen on realneo to date. They keep getting better, but this one takes the cake. Thanks for showing us our region in a different light.

Daniel Ray Saves the Day

Sunday's Plain Dealer was so dismal, that I have seriously considered dropping my home subscription, but my carrier is reliable and I would hate to see him lose his job.  The PD is still worth it for stories like this one from Tony Brown.

Norm, I have a proposition for you.  Why not convince the Williams family to allow Daniel Ray and his pooches to be the official caretaker for the Inner Circle?  You would also get a dog-sitter/handler in the bargain.  Daniel Ray is a modern day St. Francis.  You will love him. He can rightfully take credit for helping to get Cleveland Public Theatre off-the-ground. 

(And to answer the question as to what to feed your dogs--in your neighborhood, they will most likely be eating the cats that stray into your yard.  Sorry, but that's how nature works.  There are some very well-fed huskies in my neighborhood and in Tremont).


Cool cats, for NEO and supper

We have a few cats and I'm hoping Hexa (that is the beast's name) learns not to eat them and so others...

I would love to explore getting Daniel involved with what we are making happen in East Cleveland, and we need the creative good energy there. Sounds like he is hard to reach right now... do you have his frequency?

Disrupt IT

Cleveland's 'Brother of the Sidewalk"

From the Tony Brown article above:

"On Sunday, after cleaning up, Pickrel was headed to his new place on Madison Avenue, arranged by an organization called Projects for Assistance in Transitioning from Homelessness. Wearing a beatific grin, he handed over a business card identifying him as "Brother of the Sidewalk.""

Eric Morse is the contact for the local chapter of the PATH Program:
Mental Health Services for Homeless Persons
1736 Superior Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44114
Phone: (216) 623-6555 x178
Email: eric [at] mhs-inc [dot] org

As best I know, Daniel is not in need of mental health services, just a place to live and work. He seems smarter than the average bear to me.

Daniel Ray is in the house

  Yeah!  Welcome aboard Daniel ! 

Norm--If you want to (or if you can with all your projects ) host a workshop for the public on how to join this Drupal  forum, please call me.  We can host it at the library.  We have wifi now. 

Morgan Taggart from the Ohio State University Extension was also trying to join.  I am going to post the OSU Marget Garden Training Program event for next week, but other organizations should know that it is not hard to post to this site. 

    If you need to be heard and seen, then RealNEO is the place to post. 

Drupal and joining realneo

I'd be glad to get together any time for some training, etc... when do you suggest (day/time)?

REALNEO gets so many spam membership applications (100s a day) that we have had to make account authorization manual. Basically, anyone who wants an account needs to select "new account" and fill out at least username and email address - best to include more info. Then, Jeff Buster or I go up to the user log every day or so and look for the account applications that are not spam - and we probably miss some. When we see a new user that looks real, we activate it and send an email letting the user know - we use the email address with the user account. Hopeflly all this happens within 24-48 hours.

There are easier ways, enabled by the technology, and we will get them working as soon as we can upgrade some aspects of the site. Jeff and I are working on arranging that.

BTW - if someone needs an account ASAP they can email me at norm at realneo dot us

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St. Pat's photo

Where did you find this photo -are there more



Danielray photos

Hi Danielray - welcome. I saw you zip past me at W. 45th and Detroit last St. Pats and had to zip ahead of you to get a photo - I believe a have a few more... I'll need to check my remote drive and get the together.

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Flying Past The Harp On A Snowy Afternoon

Hey Daniel Ray, welcome aboard!!!


Saw you go flying past The Harp last night - nice festive red suit!

I do hope you watch out for the crazy and drunk drivers, particularly after dark.


By the way, how do you communicate/control with your canine power plant?

“Neck reining” (http://www.petplace.com/horses/the-basics-of-neck-reining/page1.aspx) like one can with a horse, or is it through verbal commands and directions???


how do you communicate/control your canine power plant?

I was wondering the same thing... and what do you feed it?

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U.R.O.s(unidentified Rolling Objects)& flying dogs

Actually seeing is the third conformation that there is a car behind; First there is a inuitive body sense, then hearing, lastly the twising of the head.

I had one shepard/husky totally keen on the various tensions on his harness.

Fe, the lab who runs with me now,takes a lot of verbal cues.

Soon, I shall be getting a helment mounted camera, it hold 90 minutes of downloadable action. It should help me promote the skating school , Sidewalk Surfer's...! .

Then you and friends can share rides and lessons.