LET'S Focus on Tax Lien Sales - Realneo's Lily Miller and the Washington Post collaborate to expose the inequities...

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 Here is another Washington Post link to peruse.

Realneo thanks all it's reporters and supporters for their heartfelt contributions!

And thanks to Michael Sallah and crew and the Washington Post investigative staff, for their journalism efforts to expose the tax lien problems across the USA. 

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Aeon Story is not going away -

From Lily Miller: According to the Washington Post story, city officials boasted that Aeon Financial was issued over '100 code violations'. Note they did NOT say '100 properties were issued code violations'. The truth is over the YEARS in which Aeon Financial has operated in Cuyahoga County ( 2008-2014 ) approximately 30 housing code violations cases were filed in housing court. Some of the cases were for the same property, Aeon paid petty fines on other cases, and there are a few cases that are still pending with the court. Aeon owned/stole approximately 300 properties. Ask Frank Giglio how many violations an inspector can issue on ONE property. If my memory serves me correctly, city inspectors issued nearly 100 code violations on Frank Giglio's property for ONE case / ONE house - page after page of violations- , and inspectors filed over 10 cases in court for the Giglio property. This is how the city operates when they want to target folks. In the case of Aeon Financial, city officials / inspectors looked the other way until they were forced to address the issue. " Aeon is accused of taking deeds to a number of homes in Cleveland and failing to care for the property when the homes did not sell. This resulted in more than 100 property code violations." http://www.mjbankruptcy.com/.../aeon-financial-accused-of...


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