Letter from Camp Leatherneck to Ann, support of her.Indeed I do too

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-----That is her real page. She is a commodities broker from Colorado who blogs about business and politics. We need more common sense Americans willing to toe the line and speak their mind about what is going on in this country. God bless Ann Barnhardt.

I Am NOT NOT NOT on Facebook
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - April 8, AD 2011 7:19 PM MST
I have been in meetings solid all day today. I did a quick Google search of my name to get caught up and saw a Facebook page with my name. I clicked it, and sure enough, someone is impersonating me on Facebook. I am NOT on Facebook, and never will be. Period. End of story.

If any of you know how to lodge a complaint with Facebook, please do, or at least leave a comment on the fake Facebook page that says that the page is a fraud. I can't, because I don't have a Facebook username.

Sorry to be a bother, but a bit of virtual assistance would be appreciated from anyone who might have a spare moment.

Thanks so much again to one and all for the emails and comments on the YouTube page. The quantity is utterly overwhelming. There is no longer any possible way I could respond to all of them, but I am making a commitment to READ every comment and email. I thought that the volume would have slowed by now, but it looks like there might be another day or two to go.

My local law enforcement has reached out to me, as have some very high level leaders, both domestic and international, that I respect very much. Name dropping is not my style, so we'll just leave it there. Suffice it to say that if the situation becomes truly tactical, I have very strong support options.

All is well. Not a single threat of any kind so far. True courage in and of itself can repel evil. Satan is, at the end of the day, a coward, and so are his minions. Also factoring in is the fact that this week I am probably one of the most lifted-up individual prayer intentions in the world next to the Pope right now. I am basking in your supplications and felt oddly edified and mentally sharp all day today, despite operating on roughly five hours of real sleep over the last three days. I am reciprocating by lifting up, in aggregate, every kind soul who has contacted me over the last several days. I am also praying for James Wolcott and for the softening of his heart and the purification of his mind. It must be exhausting going through life with such carnality coursing through one's consciousness. Please join me in this. I know it is difficult. Welcome to the Christian walk. It's actually more of an uber-technical hike. "Walk" sounds so . . . pedestrian.

Letter from Camp Leatherneck
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - April 7, AD 2011 2:35 PM MST
Thanks Ann for your videos. I'm with the USMC in Afghanistan right now and as such, I'm prohibited from speaking my mind about our enemies. Thanks for speaking up for us as we continue to pretend that these people are our allies.

We had a meeting with the commander of the local Afghan army unit and he was blue in the face complaining about Terry Jones. The officer in charge of the meeting had to tip toe around and pretend that he was also offended. The things we have to do out here . . .

You're quite the spit fire. Please take care, and I hope your message grows.

Major X USMC



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