realNEO Ambient 3: 2009-12-31; 14:30: Whiskey Island Rail Bridge, Train and Sea Gulls on Cuyahoga River

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 01/01/2010 - 03:53.

Real NEO Ambient sights and sounds in Cleveland, Northeast Ohio 3: Historic rail bridge across mouth of Cuyahoga River in the industrial Flats valley, featuring train, gulls and views of bridges, for posting on REALNEO - produced by Norm Roulet December 31, 2009 in HD 1080p

evelynnorm livingston seagull

evelynnorm livingston seagull

yogi and guy


Ethereal--thank you Norm--I really wish your talents were better appreciated by NEO's apparatchiks.  We keep going around in endless circles...

UPS, Fed Ex, Roadway...interesting...what's coming in or leaving???...

This takes me back to my Brian Eno days.

Guy's comment is apropo. I will reread in 2010 :)

(I won't ask HOW you shot this??--WOW!)

Train/Seagull Video

Norm, love the video, very mesmerizing, very representative of Cleveland commerce along the Cuyahoga River.  I love to watch and listen to the gulls down at the Bike Co-Op along the river. When a large ship or barge moves through, it stirs up edible material and gulls gather in huge numbers to feast.  It's an amazing sight, but I feel like I have to look about and see if Tippi Hedren is around.Happy new year, all!

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