Life on the bus line

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A young girl from Hungary

Today, the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority announces more service cuts. I attended the Community Development Block Grant meeting and along the way picked up dinner at Bier Market and caught the meeting of the Hungarian Cultural Garden organizers at St. Emeric's. 

More later. My disgust with our elected and appointed city and church officials is now officially contempt.  But, there were many good things today.  I will focus on the positive for now.  In my travels, I rode the #35, Healthline, #9, the B-line Trolley and the #79.  And, I never had to wait more than 5 minutes to catch a ride. The music in my head? Balanescu Quartet and Julieta Venegas.

Bar Cento and Bier Market

Walker and Weeks building in Ohio City


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On the same wave length mcshane!

I waited for the light on W25th this evening and out the driver's side window admired the United Bank relief you have captured above.

Weird.  The building appears empty on the first floor - for lease sign in the street window.  Maybe we are just way out of sync admiring this stuff. 



Construction photos

I posted a bunch of construction photos from around NEO.  Have fun with them JB:)

Magyars of St. Emeric

  Did you catch the editorial  and story in the Cleveland Plain Dealer?

Does this open the door to a legal precedent to Save St. Emeric's and many other buildings?  Do Community Service Alliance's dollars and any contributions towards the "Diocese" buildings constitute "equity?"

Personally, I would like to see that church "law" on market value.... Don't give up! Fight!

Update 2/18/2009--Kucinich brings in Hungarian Government to prevent Diocese take down of St. Emeric's.

Lucky Children

Author Loung Ung mentioned how much her thoughts are consumed by food.  Despite, the horrors she has witnessed in her life, she conveyed great humor and compassion during her Writers and Readers talk at Cleveland Public Library. 

For some one who has known starvation, she joked that she can always put others in their place, when they complain about a bad day.

It is fitting that she married into the restaurant business.  I am reprinting the image from my last meal at Bar Ciento.  Stop by and give thanks for the good things we have in life.   Loung Ung cherishes books, reading, libraries, family and food. 

Like Loung Ung, we are lucky children.  It's sometimes hard to remember to be thankful.

 (updated Dec 6th)