Marc Canter presents Citizen Dashboard at Social Media Club, Cleveland Ohio

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View Marc Canter, guest to NEO of Norm Roulet, present Citizen Dashboard to the Cleveland Social Media Club on April 22, 2009.   This is a seven minute video - please allow several  minutes for it to load.  I have uploaded hundreds of still images to Realneo - this however is  the first video I have put through Adobe Premier and then uploaded to Blip.Tv and then embedded in Realneo.  I appreciate everyone's patience while I get my act together. 

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Getting anything off the drawing board

Okay--here goes...I am going to be accused of negativity, but should we really believe the Internet is going to solve our problems?  What about these efforts?:

...and more... the now-defunct voicesandchoices...

Talk, talk, talk...Yeah, we can talk, alright.  I briefly met Marc and I am a believer, but I am disheartened by the "framework" we have to live with here in Cleveland.  It's not going anywhere.

Voices and Choices

Just a clarification ... Voices and Choices can't really be called defunct (although unfortunately its website is). It was a finite project, and when it accomplished its goals -- creating a consensus on the issues that Northeast Ohioans thought important to the region -- it ended. From its findings, Advance Northeast Ohio developed a regional "economic action" plan. It's a shame, however, that the website was not maintained. It would be useful to look back at the research.

peedee takes notice...

Marc goes to Oberlin

As Phoebe and I approached home after a stroll around the block to check in on neighbors, we spotted Marc sitting on the porch. As he waited for George Nemeth and crew to arrive, we discussed agriculture and ideas. He will visit his alma mater and the George Jones Farm today and meet Brad Masi. Marc is getting to know NEO - the realNEO. I wonder how different his tour has been from what TeamNEO does for entreprenuers and thought leaders.

Here's some of what Brad may explain to him:


Dead zone

  This is a good video.  Brad needs to step up his message.  We need a revival.  It's easy enough to gauge our ability for transformative success. Our rivers and Lake Erie are a barometer.

from the bottom up

I kept thinking of the differences here and want to add a few thoughts. Marc came to town and began his tour in a tavern on Euclid Avenue - a part of University Circle, but closer to the poor stepchild part of UCI (East Cleveland) than say - Severance Hall. The real estate site selectors toured by Team NEO began 55 stories up.

Marc continued with a visit to the recognized IT department there - they were thrilled and cognizant of who had arrived and what the possibilities might hold. He heard stories and met people who are working at the grassroots level with an urban agriculture renaissance. He was not cordoned off from the neighborhoods. He visited his alma mater, Oberlin College to get the real story on NEO's potential - food and water, sun and wind. (Ahem, Oberlin faculty, David Orr and Brad Masi are well respected thought leaders in sustainability well beyond our region.)

Did the real estate moguls who got the red carpet Team NEO tour ever step off the carpet and touch the earth here?

Fifty-five stories over Public Square offers a sweeping view of Cleveland's past and emerging future.

If you want to impress someone -- say, four of the country's most influential real estate prospectors -- it makes sense to start here.

Yeah, maybe, but if you want to really offer a solution to what ails us, you gotta get down in the trenches and ask the real docs - not the hospital admins. Canter seems to be all about jobs. How many jobs will real estate site selectors bring for all their limo rides and fancy meals?

It will be interesting to learn if NEO has the guts to get on board with this proposal. Maybe not - doesn't require a sewer pipe, water pipe, new road... etc. It does make use of somthing we already have here - fiberoptic cable - already laid - waiting for content and learning to go zipping through it.

Remember this? How're we doing?

Remember this?

I am pleased to announce today that Cleveland will move forward with developing a Citywide WI-FI network, potentially the first in Ohio. This network will provide wireless access throughout all 77 square miles of the City and position us for the future. We will increase our broadband penetration, and begin bridging the digital divide that has adversely affected low-income communities. Cleveland will be recognized as a City of technology. We will have an environment that promotes innovation, and we will be able to compete globally.

In addition, the City has the opportunity to rebuild Euclid Avenue as one of the most wired streets in America, and to utilize it as a potential tool of high tech investment. Already, the City, County, and RTA are collaborating to share network infrastructure along the Euclid Corridor. With this partnership, the City will expand our IT footprint, increase capacity to support our public safety communications in the event of an emergency or disaster and improve IT capacity for local
businesses and commuters. This technology infrastructure will make wireless networking easy and enhance the overall impact of this major redevelopment project.

In fact, as I've outlined today, between private investment in development projects and the City's capital plan, there will be more than $3 billion of investment in Cleveland over the next 5 years. $3 billion worth of investment in Cleveland will create an environment for jobs and further investments, as well as support our base economy and our future economy.

Mayor Frank Jackson - State of the City March 2007

How're we doing?

I think it makes sense to begin with the dead zone. What do you think?

blue eggs and Iceland

Land management, if you are agricultural then you would be defined as that, a set of parcels of land and what you put on the land really needs to be safe. Then things like water sheds they really should not be in proximity to farm land. There should be buffers, natural filters like dense woods. I would think that OHIO would have cooperatives of growers, that if done smart would inable them to mange intelligently and safely.

So simple, big markets like food terminals and then smaller markets and then even smaller markets. It all got so big, towards the end, maybe it just my end? So impersonal so mechanized.

I would like to move the Belize and raise chickens, did you know certain chicken lay turquoise eggs? Araucana chicken lay blue green eggs. I think if I produce eggs then I should get the percentage of the profit made for the total sale of eggs. Just like the fish in Iceland?

A chicken can support how many people, with eggs, but some do not like eggs. But what about flour as in grain how much is needed per person daily? This is actually a real issue in some countries, that being a matter of survival, day in day out. Its all odd, strange, weird, call it what you like, but we have what 10 million people to feed everyday. Then you have imports and exports food moves across the globe. 

You know the Icelandic people are very smart, that’s not subjective, they actually have on average having a masters degree. The fisherman have masters, and they made fish a commodity. The consumption that being the market defined when they fished and no matter the amaount caught, they all get paid. If they catch .05% of the quota then they get .05% of the proceeds. The difference between a push system and a pull system. But then unrelated to any of this Icleandics got greedy in finance and collapsed their banking system.

I love Iceland and also Belize….I am really off track.

But look,

Commoditizing of food caused the population growth and everything that came with it.

If you look from the sky you can see it the expanses of farmland, you can also see how often it is traversed by rivers and streams. Sometimes nearly to the edges so what ever goes on the field goes into the water.

Bags of flour, bags of rice, bags of corn….did you ever think about that? It is always there in the store ready to go.

Here is some information about protecting Ohio farm land. 

Marc is selling a product, a

Marc is selling a product, a frame work for social networking.

His web site is all about technical jargon, he is not really a salesperson is he? Like an arms dealer does not fight in the war.

Custom made shirts from India, to me that’s like saying something imported from China is exotic.


  Four years ago...

Better utilization of communities' limited resources and IT investments will allow communities to remain competitive and accelerate their economic development. Also, collaboration among local and regional organizations can help stimulate local economies by creating new jobs, attracting highly skilled workers and retaining growth companies.

Susan, you ask: Remember this? How're we doing? 

Not so well...

This is what resulted from

This is what resulted from that



So you have two workers using the same application in two different location, and they are not saying “this network is such a piece of crap” they are complaining about something else though, I bet.

I wonder if the algae will be bad this year? Die and fall to the bottom the lake in late summer and deplete the oxygen? “dead zone” It does not happen every year and is not perpetual. It is caused by phosphorous used in agriculture (a reason to buy organic) and found in cleaning products (read the label).

I understand that sometimes people have to be hit over the head to make them accountable, but the term “dead zone” is making people think more ominous thoughts as if the center of the lake is a toxic cesspool or something. It is all related to nutrients and too much causing algae to grow too excessive and directly caused by phosphorous. They could limit or restrict uses of it and also campaign on that, what the EPA should be doing and is not. It is like prompting the EnergyStar products and also lobbying to raise the standards.  Things that work on society and its behaviour.   

NEO has one of the largest and fastest fiber optic network in the world, the president called for advancement in medical records technology. That lines up with that, functionally ahead of the game.