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Maximillien de Lafayette wrote more than 1,200 books and numerous encyclopedias in many languages. He has to his credits more than 180 bestsellers confirmed by His books are available in: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, German, Turkish, Portuguese. He has been writing for the past 50 years.

He is considered as one of the world leading linguists (Ancient Languages) and historians of ancient civilizations. In addition, he wrote 14 dictionaries of various languages, to name a few: Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, Aramaic, Latin, French, Hittite, Phoenician, Ugaritic, Greek, etc. He is an expert linguist in 26 languages (Ancient and modern).

In 2004, as an expert linguist and jurist, Maximillien de Lafayette was commissioned by Yale University, School of Law (New Haven, Connecticut) to translate from English to Arabic, The White House Draft of the New Constitution of Iraq, and which was submitted to the Iraqi Council, then the governing body of Iraq. De Lafayette is internationally known for his expertise in the history and languages of ancient civilizations, and social-legal studies of the Near East and the Middle East, with a strong emphasis on tribal dialects, comparative social systems and laws, and Islam.

Listen to his recent Radio show episode, hosted and produced by Dina Vittantonio. Click on link, or copy please:

Maximillien de Lafayette is the first and only scholar/historian/linguist in the eastern and western hemispheres who wrote a book on the "Description, Translation, and Explanation of Babylonian, Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, Ugaritic, Anunnaki and Phoenician Cylinder Seals, Slabs, Inscriptions, Tablets, Epics and Symbols."

You can view this book at

He wrote about so many subjects, encompassing Opera, Divas, Hollywood, Cinema, Jazz, Afro-American influence on American music, pioneering work of legends in showbiz, cabaret, fashion, history of art and civilization from 7,000 BC to the present day, extraterrestrials, aliens spaceships, UFOS, mysticism, spiritism, channeling, earth energy, healing, metaphysics, quantum physics, parallel universes, languages, Mesopotamia, international law, Islam, religions, cubism and abstract art, theology, anthropology, world literature, French history, American history, food and beverage, leadership, you name it; all are available at and worldwide.

Almost each week, many of his books make the list of Best-selling books in numerous categories, such as languages, reference, Jazz, Questions and Answers, UFOs, Anunnaki, so on. In addition, many of these books (Sometime 6 or 8 books) as posted and stated by are on the list of 100 best-selling books, in the same category of the 100 best books/best-selling books.

He has to his credits 105 international bestsellers. In addition to and hundreds upon hundreds of booksellers and books distributors around the world from New York to China and India,many of his (Old and new) paperback books and encyclopedias are available at: , where usually you find his most recent publications.

Maximillien de Lafayette is the world leading authority on Anunnaki. He wrote more than 90 books on the Anunnaki, and 3 major encyclopedias in this field.

His website:

His weekly Internet Radio show : Maximillien de Lafayette show at

E-mail: delafayette6 [at] aol [dot] com">delafayette6 [at] aol [dot] com

Excerpts from his book "THE MYSTIC CHAPLET": This is what he wrote:

From Maximillien's words of wisdom (Excerpts from the book):

* Generosity hides all vices.

* The credentials of a man are not the diplomas on the walls, and the initials after his name (MS. PhD., etc...) but the warmth in his heart, the fairness in his judgment, and the goodness and beauty she spreads around him.

* When you shake the hand of a gentleman, look him in the eyes. When you shake the hand of a thief, look around.

* Your college degree and fat bank mean nothing to me. What really count is what you have accomplished after graduation and how many times you let the needy share your meal.

* A wise man once said: A penny saved is a penny earned. The truth I tell you: A penny well spent on the needy, is two pennies earned.

* Do not worry about what people might think or write about you. Worry only, if they think you do.

* In a competitive and materialistic society, you are not Who You Are but, what people Think You Are.

* Dry dock, empty ship.

* Learn, progress, succeed, but from time to time dip your mind in the fountain of your heart.

* Before you dance, learn first how to walk.

* Many men got their prosperity because of their first woman, and their second woman because of their prosperity.

* Take once. Give twice.

* Give when nobody is watching. Share in the dark and you shall receive in the light.

* Don't give me a 6 pack of beer if you are going to tell everybody about it, or if everybody is drunk in town.

* My cats and dog are more important to me than the biggest front page news in the Wall Street Journal.

* Your world consists of 2 wheels; the Macro wheel which is the universe, and the Micro wheel which is you. Unless the two wheels turn in sync, your chances to succeed in life are minimal.

* You can teach someone how to say I love you in English, but you can't teach him how. Love must come from the heart, not from a dictionary.

* The best way to learn is to keep on learning. If you stop, arrogance will take over. If you continue, arrogance may not stop. But if you do, you stop yourself, and learning alone will not get you a VIP invitation to the most important party in town: Their heart!

* Those who did not live their life to its fullest, remain on the shore. Only those who believed in its rainbow could sail the high seas and ride the winds of success and freedom.

* Don't tell how much you gave, but how much you received.

* Before you pass a judgment on others, ask yourself what you would have done if you were in their place.

* Do not fully trust a man who has never lost a thing in his life.

* Watch your enemies once, your friends twice, and yourself all the time.

* A day without a charity is a lost day.

* Two kinds of people who are less likely to smile at you; your boss, if you are smarter than him, and your employees, if they are smarter than you.

* Don't stretch your feet longer than your bed, if you have a hungry dog at home.

* First, we start walking side by side, and I saw his face. Short after, he began to walk ahead of me, and saw only his back. This confused my heart, because it thought, his face was in the wrong place.

* Fight loudly. Give and forgive silently.

* Always ask a professional baker to cook your bread, even if he takes half of it.

* If you are great, they will hail you. If you are greater, they will trail you. If you become the greatest, they will nail you.

* If you cannot take the heat, don't light the fire.

* If the top of your head is made of butter, don't walk in the sun.

* I worry about those people who come to a new country with an old face.

* If the French aristocrat knew how to make bread, he would have saved his head.

* A house with only one door makes too much noise.

* Bad employer, good check. Good employer, bad check.

* Don't tell me why, show me how.

* Don't feed me, teach me.

* Ten more commandments and we will have ten more priests.

* Lower the fence of your vineyard, and the size of your bottles will shrink.

* A man who fears and dares is a brave man. A man who dares and does not fear is a fool.

* If you can walk on eggs, you can walk on nails.

* Fear those who can see only in the dark.

* You know the man not when he arrives but by what he leaves behind.

* They told you everything that glitters is not gold. But, they didn't tell you what it is.

* Those who arrive late hear only yesterday's news.

* Those who arrive late, always have a reason. Those who have a reason are always late.

* In a parade, always ride the white horse.

* Bald men don't need a comb.

* You cannot sell ice to the Eskimos, but you can always try.

* If you are rich, people think you know.

* Count your sheep ten times a day, and once, if you have a high fence.

* Don't milk the cow if your bucket is not handy.

* When you are rich, everybody listens but few hear you. When you are poor, nobody listens and everybody hears you.

* Be yourself when you meet others. Be the others when you meet yourself.

* It takes fifty chinchilla corpses to make one coat, and just one to wear it.

* Don't volunteer if you're not needed, it's the same as giving free advice; your friends don't need it and your enemies wouldn't believe it.

* In a race, always finish first because only your wife and dog will remember you finished second.

* All happy families are alike in their joy. Only unhappy ones are different in their sorrow.

* The most beautiful sight to my eyes, is the smile of the woman I love.

* Give me a happy family and I will give you a happy country.

* Don't call a plumber if you haven't paid the water bill.

* If you want to know more about the occupants of a house, check first their back yard.

* Ignorant and vicious people say I do not exist. I am delighted because they have just proved I do.

* Measure a man by the size of his heart, not the size of his wallet, and the length of his tongue.

* The strongest man in the world is the one who has loyal friends. Might or a hefty bank account cannot substitute loyalty. A bank account can be overdrawn while loyalty has no spending limits.

* Guests who arrive late are excused only if their gifts arrive on time.

* You can turn in circles and you wouldn't get dizzy, only if you're the center of the Earth.

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