Meet the co-Presidents of Ward 4

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Meet the co-Presidents of Ward 4

Here they are! The loving couple driving Ward 4 into the ground. Mrs. and Mrs. Marion Gardner. Or is it Anita. Or maybe they're going by the CURRENT councilperson's name. It's SO HARD to keep track. Political correctness and all. What are their pronouns anyway? That's what's REALLY important! Debi Gray Gardner made many promises on the campaign trail. And presented a totally implausible and UN fact checked resume when the last REAL job she held was in 2000 as a teller at Key Bank. She spewed the usual vague bullshit about "being there" for Mt. Pleasant. But now that she is ensconced on her VERY large seat at city hall, all she has to offer is goats and chickens. At Mrs. ANITA Gray/Gardner's "non" profit the CCCCCC.  Where many promises were ALSO made about free food and shoes and clothes and and housing and sanitary wipes for all the hookers that drift in and out of the handsome brick headquarters Marion/Anita got for free from the landbank. And the last update about anything on the CCCCCC's Facebook page was in 2020. AND they have NO website. How is a hooker supposed to know when the wipes come in?? Mrs. Gray/Gardner with all her bloviating about being there for the community and going to housing court EVERY WEEK to stop evictions has NOT EVER FILED an IRS 990 for her non-profit and consequently the IRS has REVOKED her tax exempt status. But if you ask her about it, she will scream that you are white supremicist. Her vast empire of empty lots will soon house livestock of all kinds along Kinsman, mooing and neighing and snorting will be heard as you drive past, a veritable farmland in the hood. OTHER less favored empty lots in Ward 4 though are filling up with toxic waste, and gangs roar up and down the streets firing randomly at each other every weekend but Mrs. Debi Gardner who RAN on improving Ward 4 and being accountable is not really that interested in ANYTHING except personal enrichment through her girlfriend's fake non profit. Her executive assistant who DID return calls quit after a few months. The much maligned Ken Johnson returned EVERY CALL from a constituent. But Debi is busy planning the back 40. And the BIG SECRECY TAX PAYER FUNDED FENCE. Because believe me neither she nor her special partner Anita will be doing ANY ACTUAL planting.

Where are the sign up links for all these so called programs like housing court representation, art classes, SEWING classes, computer classes cooking classes. What about the open door for "troubled youth". Every time I've driven past there the open door is locked and there are no cars in the parking lot. What about the clothing for needy families? How do you sign up for one of the week-long summer camps when the phony "charity" doesn't EVEN HAVE A WEB SITE. How do you get edumacated by Marion Anita Gardner Gray on pending legislation and URBAN PLANNING? Who is teaching this and WHEN. Where is the calendar of events? WHERE IS THE WEBSITE? WHERE ARE THE IRS 990s they are REQUIRED to file?

What exactly are these 2 con artists up to over there as a giant fence rises on property owned by the Cuyahoga County Landbank that Clowncilfraud Deborah Gray gave $75,000 to Envision Cleveland to build. What in the Actual FUCK





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No records - for Concerned Citizens Community Council

 Only this website for donations - no reporting on Propublica. 


I just called Ohio Ethics and unless I can prove Debra Gray is on board of Concerned Citizens - domestic partnerships are not investigated. Debra voted to direct $5K to CCCC - She didn't bother to recuse herself.  So nice of Land Band ...or Land Bank to donate a house to the pair at 13611 KINSMAN, which doesn't show up on the tax rolls because it is actually using 3438 E 137. Unpaid taxes wited out $5,519.92


5/14/2002 Highpoint Devel Corp. Pinhigh Properties, Ltd $0
5/14/2002 Mount Pleaseant Now Highpoint Devel Corp. $45,500
11/30/2000 Pinhigh Properties, Ltd Bankers Trust Co Of Ca Trs. $31,700
4/10/2000 Bankers Trust Co Of Ca Trs. Alamin, Lori B. $23,000
8/25/1998 Alamin, Lori B. Roberts, Lori B. $0
2/24/1998 Roberts, Lori B. Dumas, James H Sr. $33,000
8/9/1990 Dumas, James H Sr. Dunn Robert L $15,000
1/1/1975 Dunn Robert L   $0
  • 130-10-034
  • 3438 E 137 ST
  • CLEVELAND, OH. 44120


The other address filed at state is 13314 Lorenzo, where Anita Gray lives.


Physical Address

13611 Kinsman Rd

Cleveland, OH 44120


Payment Address

13611 Kinsman Rd

Cleveland, OH 44120


Donation Payable

Legal name of organization: Concerned Citizens Community Council

EIN for payable organization: 47-1684393


337-2023   Emergency Ordinance Passed 3/10/2023 3/13/2023 AN EMERGENCY ORDINANCE Amending the Title and Sections 1 and 2 of Ordinance No. 1084-2021, passed November 22, 2021, as it pertains to authorizing the Director of the Department of Public Works to enter into an agreement with Camp Journey or with its Fiscal Agent, Concerned Citizens Community Council, for the Salaam Community Empowerment Farm and Training Center Program through the use of Ward 4 Casino Revenue Funds.


Giving Portal

A small, grassroots 501C3, Concerned Citizens Community Council is the de facto second, third and fourth responder serving the impoverished residents of the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood. Headquartered in a house rehabbed and gifted by the Cleveland Land Band, CCCC:

• Offers continuous free classes including computer skills, arts and crafts, cooking and sewing,

• Runs a free clothing and house wares thrift shop,

• Is a certified emergency food pantry for crisis situations, and regularly feeds a dozen children who fall between social welfare cracks,

• Represents seniors and all residents weekly at Cleveland Housing Court so they may remain in their own homes,

• Hosts a free summer day camp for kids whose parents are incarcerated, addicted or worse,

• Shows Saturday morning children’s movies and provides art classes year-round,

• Annually packs and distributes 200 book bags filled with school supplies and hundreds of Christmas stockings and food baskets,

• Supplies area elementary school children and all who need with personal hygiene products,

• Coordinates street and house cleanups, and distributes Big-Hearted Blooms to neighborhood nursing homes,

• Manages a free community garden and greenhouse,

• Sponsors frequent educational events and community meetings,

• Partners closely with the Fourth District Police, nine churches and two mosques to keep the peace, and collaborates closely with multiple other responsible community groups to prevent programming duplication, and

• CCCC’s award-winning Executive Director, M. Anita Gardner, speaks truth to Cleveland politicians and non-profit funders thus directly influencing Mt. Pleasant social welfare policy.

• Perhaps one of its smaller ongoing projects is the most touching: CCCC has a fully stocked and spanking clean bathroom available to neighborhood girls and women who cannot bathe safely at home where the bathrooms don't have locks. Without fear of molestation, these residents may luxuriate in a clean tub or shampoo their hair with the door locked.

• CCCC has no paid staff, its volunteers are mostly retired seniors, and it survives on a truly shoestring budget entirely funded by individual donations and occasional small grants. All supplies and thrift shop items are donated.

THANK YOU for helping CCCC to keep its doors open. Every contribution – no matter how small – raises up Mt. Pleasant residents, provides care for those who fall between the social welfare cracks, and helps us to pay the utilities and keep our doors open.

Friends with Benefits

The fabulous concerned community has a new "friend". Well he's kind of an old friend actually and he's a big fat white "reverend" of some phony church. The lavishly updated Guidestar Profile for Anita and Marion's big scam on Kinsman Ave checks every box now in who they assist and who is on their so called board.  And "Reverend" Huneycutt of the Church of Everlasting Graft has been anointed Vice President of Shady Ventures by Mrs. Gardner Gray. In his role as a high priest Paul Huneycutt of the Central District Missionary Guidance Association or SOMETHING was granted a handsome double house at 4581 Broadview Rd. For free for his church of course from the always benevolent Land Bank. And then it was transferred to Paul and Lori Huneycutt's scam charitable organization which like all scam non profits (and criminals) is constantly rebranding, Urban Bridges now grandly known as Envision Cleveland. On 2/8/2016. For free. And then unable to wait a single SECOND longer it was transferred to Paul And Lori Huneycutt on 11/23/2016. ALSO FOR FREE! And the Huneycutts with their scam "non" profit and reverandly duties lived there possibly RENTING the upper unit of the double house aka a church. To visiting pastors from near and far. And then waiting a decent interval of 6 years thinking they were in the clear and NO ONE WAS CHECKING Paul and Lori Huneycutt sold it for $225,000 PURE TAX FREE PROFIT on Sept. 21, 2022 and headed to Wadsworth. But don't worry Reverend Paul's hands are STILL in the Cleveland cookie jar belonging to Clowncilperson Debi Gray who gave Envision Cleveland $67,000 out of her Clowncil stash to build a garden hoop and walking paths of course. And a big PRIVACY FENCE around her girlfriend's scam charity so no nosey camera phones can see what's going on. STILL no IRS 990s filed by CCCCC. And I'm still waiting AND WAITING for my FOIA request to the city of cleveland about the breakdown of that $67,000. Let's join hands and celebrate that old time Cleveland religion. Fraud.


So this FABULOUS fortress with a garden hoop and walking paths being constructed pointlessly with $75,000 of our property taxes is on land STILL owned by the Landbank. The PARKING LOT for CCCCCC parcel number 130-10-033 with no address is owned by the CCLB as are the 2 lots at 13503 Kinsman and 13511 Kinsman where the construction and "volunteer" event run by Reverend Paul and Envision cleveland will be taking place on April 29 to Help Out the Hood. For only $10 and a complete print out of your medical insurance you too can dig holes and clean up trash or whatever. Behind the SECRECY fence.

So who EXACTLY at the CCLB gave Envision Cleveland permission to hold this event AND to build all this shit on "their" tax exempt lots. I think you know where I'm going with this don't you? NO PERMITS HAVE BEEN ISSUED since the demo of the buildings on the 2 lots, one in 2004 and one in 2015. This vastly improved estate will no doubt be combined with parcel 130-10-034 aka 3438 E 137 St and surreptitiously transferred to Anita Gardner Gray's phony fraudulent charity. And then just like the Reverend Paul and HIS wife, this urban oasis with walking paths and waterfalls and garden hoops and a BIG SECRECY FENCE and other costly upgrades to the tune of $75,000 OF OUR TAX DOLLARS, will be transferred to Mrs. Gardiner Gray FOR FREE. And the Clowncilperson who is funding this through her Ward 4 stash AND ADDITIONAL UNVETTED CASINO FUNDS will have built a retirement villa, a veritable Taj Mahal in the hood, for her and her beloved.  OR to SELL and move somewhere like Solon with the bucket of tax free CA$$$$$$$$H they'll get all paid for with WITH YOUR MONEY AND ALL TAX FREE. IF Mrs. Gray Gardner can stay out of ANOTHER form of exclusive free housing that is. The Reverand Paul of the Church of Unlimited Graft probably gave her tips how HE pulled it off with that free landbank house he sold for $225,000.




The Thea Bowman Center, which was founded in 1999 by an African American nun, has a simple mission. And it's not to steal money from the taxpayers through a shoddy fake charity like the CORRUPT COMMUNITY OF CRIMINALS AND CLOWNS by CLAIMING to hand out wipes to prostitutes. And to give neighborhood "girls" an "opportunity" to shower in "private"without being molested by the big mean MEN in their homes. The Thea Bowman Center, without fanfare does EVERYTHING Mrs. Gardner Gray's fraudulent "Non" profit CLAIMS to do.  AND it's less than a mile away. From the Thea Bowman Center Guidestar profile "Believing in the strength of the people of Mt. Pleasant, our mission is to affirm and sustain in a trusting environment that promotes health and well-being through education and and resources." They have a website and links to their many programs where you can actually sign up!!They have an INTERGENERATIONAL community garden which is open to EVERYONE with NO SECRECY FENCE at Kinsman and E.112. WITH A PHONE NUMBER THAT IS ANSWERED! They have a GED preparation program. They have a computer program. They have a food pantry with regular hours EVERY SATURDAY from 10 until 12:30. They are the LEAD agency in Mt. Pleasant for MYCOM which is a "community network of agencies and prorgrams working to provide services to youth in Cleveland". They have senior outreach wellness and health for any resident over 60. They have summer camp WITH A SIGN UP LINK. Yes a sign up link. They have ALWAYS filed their IRS 990s. They have dozens of community partners including many churches AND the Cleveland Foundation. But NOT including the COUNCIL OF CORRUPT CLOWNS AND CRIMINALS.The Thea Bowman Center is located in a modest former convent with a large parking lot at 11901 Oakfield less than a 2 minute drive from the CCCCCC at the corner of E. 120 and Union. They have ONE address not 3 or 4. They are open REGULAR HOURS and are there to serve. They are NOT building a huge EXPENSIVE fence around property they DO NOT OWN like CCCCCC!    

No money from the Clowncil person Debi Gray Gardner's stash goes to the Thea Bowman Center. Why NOT I wonder.

UPDATE Men in turbans and luxury SUVs

On April 17 in the CCCCCC parking lot I spotted 2 MEN in turbans and business suits definitely NOT African American standing by their luxury SUVS surveying the massive SECRECY fence being constructed by ROLEN fencing. They were more likely to be real estate developers than wayward teens. Or "girls" needing a "private" shower. On the same day in the Thea Bowman parking lot there were many cars, BUT NO LUXURY SUVS, with people coming in and out from the various legitimate programs offered there.  The parking lot is surrounded by a chain link fence probably 50 years old that with an OPEN GATE. It definitely COULD stand to be replaced. But the Thea Bowman Center has different priorities. And pimping out the property is NOT one of them. It seems to me that the Community of Corrupt Clowns and Criminals was set up COPYING the programs ALREADY offered by the Thea Bowman Center TWO MINUTES AWAY but ACTUALLY doing nothing. Why? Well ONE reason was for Marion Gardner to get her hands on that big brick house for free. Another was getting 2 more houses for free which were then immediately sold by Marion Gardner who pocketed 45,000 TAX FREE dollars. CUI BONO? Definitely NOT the residents of Mt. Pleasant but rather Mrs Gray Gardner and her Clowncil pal. In a statement Mrs Gray Gardner says she's looking to get more free lots for her..........ummmmmm.....herself.  Next up those 2 lots with a massive SECRECY fortress being constructed with your tax dollars. While the Thea Bowman Center quietly continues their sterling reputation of a quarter century of good works for the Mt. Pleasant Community.

MORE lies on the Ohio Serves website

The Consortium of Corrupt Clowns and Criminals has posted their lengthy and FICTIONAL programs on the Ohio Serves. Here are a few of them.  They keep Mount Pleasant safe, clean, entertained AND edumacated. They donate thousands of pounds of sanitary supplies, they cook dinner for the hungry FIVE DAYS A WEEK with donated food (but BEFORE 3 PM when they close), they have Saturday movies for kids when they are never open, provide 200 holiday food baskets, they have A THRIFT SHOP that outfits thousands..or is it millions....of school children, 200 book bags, 200 Christmas stockings, a safe place for teens to pee who can't pee at home but BEFORE 3 PM weekedays when they close. 

They do NOT claim to file an IRS 990 which they are REQUIRED to file. Since 2006 when Anita Gardner was gifted that house at 13611 Kinsman. Oh wait that's not the address. I'll check their website for the correct address. OH I FORGOT! They don't HAVE ONE! 

actually using 3438 E 137. Unpaid taxes wited out $5,519.92

 Gardner and Gray are grifters - plain and simple.

And the SECOND those 3

And the SECOND those 3 parcels are transferred to the Collection of Corrupted Criminal Clowns  I am contacting the FBI. What's good for Ken Johnson is EQUALLY good for the plus sized gals Debi and her girlfriend Anita. Maybe they can get adjoining cells at Club Fed 

Ohio Ethics passed on it

 These con artists are slick. Ohio Ethics did not follow up on my Brancatelli tip b/c his wife set up a non-profit w/o using her name to front it.  Since Gray and Gardner are not married - they won't do anything. But if you have a better contact.  Do it!