Meet the co-Presidents of Ward 4

Submitted by mabeldog on Sun, 04/10/2022 - 19:36.
Meet the co-Presidents of Ward 4

Here they are! The loving couple driving Ward 4 into the ground. Mrs. and Mrs. Marion Gardner. Or is it Anita. Or maybe they're going by the CURRENT councilperson's name. It's SO HARD to keep track. Political correctness and all. What are their pronouns anyway? That's what's REALLY important! Debi Gray Gardner made many promises on the campaign trail. And presented a totally implausible and UN fact checked resume when the last REAL job she held was in 2000 as a teller at Key Bank. She spewed the usual vague bullshit about "being there" for Mt. Pleasant. But now that she is ensconced on her VERY large seat at city hall, all she has to offer is goats and chickens. At Mrs. ANITA Gray/Gardner's "non" profit the CCCCCC.  Where many promises were ALSO made about free food and shoes and clothes and and housing and sanitary wipes for all the hookers that drift in an out of the handsome brick headquarters Marion/Anita got for free from the landbank. And the last update about anything on the CCCCCC's Facebook page was in 2020. And they have NO website. How is a hooker supposed to know when the wipes come in?? Mrs. Gray/Gardner with all her bloviating about being there for the community and going to housing court EVERY WEEK to stop evictions has NOT EVER FILED an IRS 990 for her non-profit and consequently the IRS has REVOKED her tax exempt status. But if you ask her about it, she will scream that you are white supremicist. Her vast empire of empty lots will soon house livestock of all kinds along Kinsman, mooing and neighing and snorting will be heard as you drive past, a veritable farmland in the hood. OTHER less favored empty lots in Ward 4 though are filling up with toxic waste, and gangs roar up and down the streets firing randomly at each other every weekend but Mrs. Debi Gardner who RAN on improving Ward 4 and being accountable is not really that interested. Or returing ANY phone calls. The much maligned Ken Johnson returned EVERY CALL from a constituent. But Debi is busy planning the back 40. Because believe me neither she nor her special partner Anita will be doing ANY ACTUAL planting.

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