Michael Jackson - a local influence

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 07/09/2009 - 16:41.

This well dressed (I wear bow ties too) fellow has me mystified.  

Set up at an intersection where it was too busy for me to stop and talk with him, he held a newspaper cover of Michael Jackson, a pie, a slice of cake, and the glass vials you see in his left hand.   He had a cooler - on the curb out of the image - set up as a sort of desk. 

Anyone know what was on offer?

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incense and oils

 Kush is my favorite scent - super yummy!

Kush? dbra, wikipedia didn't help!

dbra, Man, I am not up to this. 

People like u  from Tmnt seem 2 no, and the st seem 2 no, but eye am not on brd.

dbra, wtsupwth Kush?   Ganga?  there was no puff.

Give info that's got some cred.  Cent?

WTF was on offer?:


Natural History of the Senses

  Jeff--Read Natural History of the Senses by Diane Ackerman....the man is offering memory and a sensual experience...I have no explanation for the pie (lunch?!)...Kush is the scent of marijuana ...the vials are essential/volatile oils for sale...this relates back to Susan's post....great hat...fun photo :)

I thought Kush had something to do with Tush..

WTF do I no! (sorry that is the extent of my texting skills - pretty lame i no)

I used to buy Kush oil from a little shop on Coventry back in the 80s. It just smelled super yummy - now I guess I know why! Although, I would say if anything it has more of an opium scent to it than mary jane. Anyway, the shop closed and I ran out of Kush oil and I was sad. Then one day I was talking to this super cool and smooth guy who used to sell oils and incense up at the park across from Westside Market. I was thrilled he had Kush! I bought the incense though because by that time I was now faithfully using semi-expensive Italian perfume, although I guess I could have used the oil around the house, but the good stuff really stuck to you, your fingers, even just from dispensing it.

So, unfortunately it has nothing to do with Tremont hipsterism, just being old... (like Tremont is "hip" anymore)

oh but see - those little vials in the black case are oils, different scents. used to run $5@. The longer things wrapped in plastic are sticks of incense...in matching scents. I haven't a frickin' clue as to the pie and cake, but I would assume they have something to do with michael jackson due to their proximity to his photo. however, that could be wildly inccorect.

ps - thank you for making me laugh at 7am....!