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 In the heat of another insane news week - it may have been lost on some folks that a young man was shot and killed outside of a library in Cleveland.  Another grim statistic.  A boy.

What could we have done differently?  I know that there is a failure of parenting in Cleveland  (and everywhere), but there could have been more opportunities given to this young man. I do blame our Mayor and safety forces for not providing programming that was once provided like DARE and Police Athletic League.  

I have been told that this young man was trying to outrun his bad crowd - he lived in my neighborhood and was also in Tremont - and recently moved west.  


What if he had never been introduced to a bad crowd in the first place?  Just one of many incidents that sadden me and depress me when it comes to providing for kids in the City of Cleveland.  They need attention.  They are not getting the right attention.  


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"Mayor"Jackson-a cypher. Worse than corruption, Jack's a cypher


 hI mC sHANE,

I too picked up this pathetic just out of/outside of the library death on the net.    Thanks for reporting the tragedy here on Realneo 

Yes.  Mr. Jackson is completely blank.  BLANK.  BLANK!   Forest City and the Greater Cleveland Partnership want a cypher mayor.   That's why Jackson is there.

But, what is worse, a mayor who is on the take, or who is corrupt....or a mayor who is a cypher?

Personally, I believe that Mayor Jackson - a complete cypher mayor - is worse than a corrupt, on the take, mayor. 

Can Cleveland go lower?


And it will.  

It must go down because it has to pay off so many long term bogus citizen castrating bonds. (read Raldo).







1) Their parents & families do....but they are probably too busy struggling to survive or addicted or disabled or unstable in one way or another to really be proactive. The few who are able to be proactive are working against the grain of countless immature, irresponsible, and negligent parents who simply teach their kids poor values of life and all inclusive. Children learn what they live---and there are too many ghetto parents trying to teach their kids the ghetto life.

2) People like us, LMCShane & REALNEO.... we care; but we are so powerless over the endless drama escalating on the streets of our city when the GHETTO FOLKS cannot engage in a fashion that is constructive....their ways usually result in countless trials and errors and wastes of time.... people like US get burnt out from trying to be ghetto social workers and advocates.

3) Look; the value of life is something TAUGHT....and it's not being taught in society much anymore. The generations of today are taught to be punks, street pharmacists, and to be contemptuous of all uniform guidelines such as the LAW we have in a civilized society. Kids are not being taught manners, respect, values, or consideration much anymore locally....and it shows in the school system statistics.

4) We are all outraged and yes we saw it all............but what are we going to do other than get our own kids into a safer environment...our populace is becoming overwhelmed with the callouses created from constant media bombardment of traumatic news....we as human beings can only do so much.

5) Domestic Terrorism by the politicians drive this death industry. Disenfranchised voters and citizens who do NOT challenge the political leadership have empowered this type of crime....They make millions off the statistics and quotas of dead to run ineffective programs....They thrive off these things.... why would any of them enact real transforming change in our town???? THEY LIKE IT THIS WAY!

Democrats need to start understanding why Republicans vote republican....to protect how the dollar is spent. These democrats are abusing it with billions in wasteful spending for community development projects, housing, and so many programs that pay the top heavy administrators.....people need to start waking up about how they are used for a purpose by their leadership............... Cleveland has gone to hell in a handbasket under the democratic party leadership of the last 40 years.

Another bites the dust...a callous way of talking about the murders in our city. I am emotionally exalted praying for all these deaths, tragedies, and losses..... I feel horrible for the families of this kid and of the ones killed in car accidents etc. My heart aches for their families...ours lost an 18 year old on his way to college.... trust me--we know that anguish and heartache... but it's summertime and none of the folks with any real jobs in this town give a flower about this kid or any of the rest----they are too busy at the beach playing volleyball; running marathons; going on big summer vacations; and planning their lives away during the great weather....do you really think they truly want to stop their lives for anyone other than themselves????? NOPE.... barely a blink. We live in a very self centered time of history...and I feel horrible for the generations ahead who are devoured by this cycling game upon them. RUN OUT OF CLEVELAND WITH YOUR BABIES ASAP....but---you can find tons of diamond kids in this city too....it's amazing how it all works. Sorry. Just frustrated by the failure of the public at large.... it's all a flip of a coin.

Always Appreciative,

Rasheen Bledsoe deceased

Rasheen had talents, wrote poety, before the "Army Gang" - He could have been saved.

Tonight in Ohio City - thank you CPD

Shortly before 8pm tonight, Second District officers spotted a vehicle which was taken in a violent Aggravated Robbery on Saturday, August 15th. Information about the vehicle taken and descriptions of the suspects was disseminated to all Second District officers during Roll Call and officers were on the lookout for the vehicle, which has been spotted repeatedly over the last two days. As our officers positioned themselves to attempt to stop the suspect vehicle, a pursuit of the vehicle through streets in the Ohio City neighborhood ensued. Responding cars coordinated their pursuit through the controlling supervisor, Sgt. John Farnsworth, as it wound through city streets. In the area of W.48th and Bridge, the five female occupants of the vehicle attempted to flee from the stolen vehicle but were quickly apprehended by responding officers.

Arrested for Aggravated Robbery were two 18-year olds, one of which was the driver, and three juveniles, aged 15, 16 and 17. The adults will be held in city jail until formally charged and we will ask juvenile authorities to lock the juveniles up in the county’s detention center.

Thanks to the dedication of our officers, 5 violent felons are no longer terrorizing our streets.

I add my thanks for SMART POLICING

Based on this report, it sounds like Sgt Farnsworth and the officers involved know what SMART POLICING is and how to conduct it.

Thank you!

5 violent felons are no longer terrorizing our streets

 What is wrong with this equation?     How did these kids get such a great headstart in Cleveland?   How will society get the funds to lock up it's children during their teens and twenties?   What type of Orbit are we launching our kids into?   

Police VS Kids!     Society unravelled.   


Another Gangland murder in NEO - add Tamir Rice to the list




Another murder yesterday...this time suspect caught...what does it take Frank Jackson?  You have failed our citizens in raising boys...and saving girls from trafficking...this is your legacy.


Frank Jackson has FAILED in raising up the community

It is time for Frank to go...

 The Cuyahoga County Prosecutors Office said Sparks-Henderson shot and killed five people inside a

house on East 92nd Street near Wade Park on Nov. 21, 2014. No motive was ever given.