Witness the Eruption of Vesuvius Nearly 2100 Years Ago: Pompeii - August 24, 79 BC - video (will happen in american - prepare

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(Retired Kremlin Military Analyst: Russia Could Detonate Nukes Over Yellowstone Supervolcano and San Andreas Fault to Completely Annihilate America)

A Day in Pompeii animation made for the Melbourne Museum recreates the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius and destruction of Pompeii.

Be alert to EVERYTHING (sights & sounds) that is happening including:

1. Clouds gliding by
2. Birds fleeing
3. Dogs barking
4. First steaming of the volcano
5. Earthquakes
6. Tiles falling from the roofs from earthquake shakes
7. Sky turning dark with volcanic debris
8. Debris accumulating on the roofs
9. Pyroclastic flows pouring down the left side of the mountain
10. Fires
11. Buildings collapsing
12. Pyroclastic flows overcoming the city
13. The end of the Pompeii…


Be sure to Go Full-Screen. It's not to be missed. View images of Pompeii today. H/T: Henry Hess

 Yellowstone in the News


April 1, 2015

HOLLY NOTE: Yellowstone made the news twice in 24 hours and neither is an April Fool's joke. They're something interesting to contemplate. The article follows and the images are a screen snap of "busy" Old Faithful courtesy of Dutchsince's video. You can view Yellowstone's live cam here.

Retired Kremlin Military Analyst: Russia Could Detonate Nukes Over Yellowstone Supervolcano and San Andreas Fault to Completely Annihilate America

    • Konstantin Sivkov wrote that Russia needs a new 'asymmetric' weapon
    • He says detonating nuclear weapons on seafloor would unleash tsunamis
  • Seismic activity would trigger volcano, pour feet of ash over the US
  • He says tsunamis could affect 240 million Americans and hit Europe too
  • Analyst says new weapons could be ready within 10 years
  • TV presenter previously said Russia could turn US to 'radioactive dust'

April 1, 2015
Christopher Brennan
UK Daily Mail

He said that the main objective of the new system would serve as an asymmetric threat against the US, which is 'moving to the borders or Russia'.

Sivkov headlines sections of his article with headers such as 'Specifications for Megaweapons', 'One Day Without America,' 'The Day After Tomorrow' and 'The Apocalypse- Simply and Cheaply'.

The Russian analyst reasoned that because 80 per cent US population (HOLLY NOTE: The actual number is 51%) lives near the coast, generating tsunamis on the San Andreas fault and in the Atlantic would be an effective way of causing massive damage to 240 million people.

He references Hurricane Katrina's impact on New Orleans and says that detonating nuclear bombs near the bottom of the ocean would create waves almost a mile high that would sweep inland.

The military man says that all the seismic activity could release another wave that would wipe out the US's European allies.

Sivkov, the president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, says that Russia's large inland territory in Siberia will protect it from receiving too much harm.

He raises the stakes for the apocalyptic scenario even further by saying that the tsunami could trigger the Yellowstone Caldera, a supervolcano that last exploded 640,000 years ago.

The explosion would then unleash feet of volcanic ash over all of the United States.

According to Sivkov, Russia could also trigger just the volcano with a 'relatively small' megaton blast because it has shown signs of activity.

Sivkov said that the normal nuclear deterrent was not good enough and too expensive given Russia's economic problems.

While he is convinced of his idea, it remains to be seen if the tsunami and the litany of destruction that followed would be even be possible if the world came to nuclear war. Read the rest here:


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