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Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 12/27/2010 - 11:37.

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Visually hiding a running joint in molding is difficult - so usually it is best to install one continuous strip of molding running the full length of the wall.   

If you are working with existing old molding - and you don't have the dado cutters to match it to make new pieces, then you have to cut the molding and make some type of butt or lap joint. 

The  image above shows the matched cuts on a 5 inch wide gum wood window molding.   This lap can be glued or screwed and then surface imperfections filled.   The resulting joint is invisible once painted.

The image below shows the simple lap cutting jig which allows the 4 inch angled face on the two molding pieces.   To make the cut, hold the molding vertically against the plywood angle guide - starting the feed into the blade from the table saw surface in front of the blade. 

Reverse the face of the molding for the second cut - you will get the result in the top image. 

Wear safety glasses.   Good luck.

molding table saw cutting lap jig image 12.10.10 jeff buster

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jeff buster

Please post a photo of the completed molding.

I have a lot of old molding that I took up when we refinished the floors. I want to put it back (it has been so long that the floors almost need to be redone) but I go in circles when I look at the jumble of it.

Mastering small power tools is my goal for 2011. I also want to take apart a 120 year old wood window and refit it.  If I can do that, I plan to slowly refit all the windows, saving them from the threat of replacement vinyl.

Finished molding photo - part of a series

Hello DW, 

You are right, I dropped the ball on the tire-fix-it "series".  Keep on me, I will get back at it.  

And, in a few weeks, I will return to the job where the molding was joined and get that photo up.  Good idea to show the final result... best. jeffb