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Awhile back--Jeff Buster and I caught the InTheMo folks filming at the Westside Market--they've finally launched their site.  Take it out for a spin.
Today is one of the biggest days of my life, we're finally launching InTheMO, the site I've been working on for so long now. There hasn't been much sleeping around here this week, but it was so worth it. Now is the time you can finally go see the thousands of videos for yourself. If you like what you see (and I know you will), invite all your friends and this thing will only continue to grow and get better.  
InThe What Now?
InTheMO is a crew of fanatics with way too much time on our hands, passionate about discovering the best stuff out there. We're pretty much obsessed with creating a guide to the most legit spots in every city around the world...from places that take your breath away, to divey little hole-in-the-walls overflowing with gritty goodness.
We've been working nonstop for longer than we would like to admit (3 plus years), traveling the world and collecting recommendations from people who just plain get it. So far, we've gathered recommendations from an eclectic and impressive mix of artists, writers, chefs, entrepreneurs, street urchins, and other people breathing life and culture into more than 55 cities around the world.
This is just the beginning... We need your recommendations to grow this into a living, breathing best of guide. Its up to you where we go from here-- think of all your favorite spots in any city you've been to, and recommend them. Invite friends to help. Lets build this thing together.
We're looking forward to creating this with you.
The InTheMO Team
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