More increasing Utility Costs

Submitted by DH on Sun, 12/05/2010 - 00:06.

What the hell does the NEO sewer district think they are doing acknowledging a Consent Decree w/ the DOJ and US EPA (rogue agency).  They will drive the cost of doing business in Cuyahoga County and Cleveland to other regions of the state (if we're lucky) or completely outside of our State borders.  I'm certain I read the estimate correctly today from the PD when one of the Sewer District reps stated our sewer bills (not just water) will increase to $1,000 by 2035.  That's roughly 10x's my current bill.  The US EPA has the authority to change compliance limits as they see fit (for human health (BULLSHIT), you can't claim you're saving the same 30,000 people every time your tighten a standard).  The US EPA is forcing a number of rules down our throats that will drive utility rates (Gas, Electric, Water, and now sewer) off the charts and they will be the cause of extreme financial hardship to almost all Americans over the next 20 years.  When do we wake up?  Our health will not improve if we are out of work, out of money, and out of time to repel these fools from their current course of destruction. 


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