More run-off, More flooding, More siltation, More taxes wasted - YES TO Community soil Sterilization!

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 11/26/2012 - 12:06.

Everywhere you see them:  LEAF MEN ATTACKING THE ENEMY!

In your neighbor's back yard - attacking the leaves in the ivy with screaming back pack air guns.   GET THOSE LEAVES!

In your neighborhood park - Municipal men valiantly struggling to strip acre upon acre of LEAVES!  Blow them out of the woods MEN!   Don't blow them into the woods where they might compost this winter---no, no, no!    (No OT with leaves headed into the woods that is).     Sent them leafs all curbside!

Big all wheel drive Heavy Equipment CATERPILLAR CASE DEERE HYdraulic pumps screaming - hydraulic pistons glinting -  all conscripted to tear mounds of leaves from the curbside and EXPELL the LEAVES en masse from our Communities.     COST IS NOT AN ISSUE!   

Dump trucks zooming around snatching ton upon ton of dreaded LEAVES and ridding our community of the horror of BROWN DOWN on the ground. 



For Heaven's sake - Why do you think they call the surface of the Earth SOIL?


Giant vaccums with 18 inch diameter suction hoses - Diesel-Burning 300 HP Engines rev'd flat-out to SUCK PILES OF LEAVES - shredding the scourge into billowing BROWN DUST.

Serves them right.



Mud is what I like.    Soil stripped of all duff and organic waste.   Mud to run out onto the sidewalk and down the street drain, and into the rivers and brooks.   YES   YES YES MUD!

Clay cracked hexaGonally every summer - Clay soil with no organic cover is what I lilke,  Cracked Clay.   Nice. 

My taxes are there for everyone to get free LEAVE LITTER REMOVAL.   FREE!   Smart way to provide an incentive to do the right thing:  Strip your yard of every leaf and have them sucked and trucked to a distant composting land fill.   

No one with any self respect would compost leaves in their backyard.   Disgusting.  Attracks WORMS!  

Anyway, I like the noise everyday from one side of my house or the other.   

Whinning blowers in LEAF SEASON.  

Thank God I don't have to rake anymore.  






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mulched leaves return nutrients to the earth

I knew this, and composted leaves. They break down really slowly. Real slow. Last year, I borrowed a mulching mower and mulched the leaves back into the tree lawn. Then I gathered as many leaves as I could, and mulched them, several times, until they were fairly shredded. I spread them in a problem area, under a tree where the soil was shallow and barren from dense shade. I put down several inches. This spring, I had nice soil, and planted wild violets. It came out nice, and it was all free. It is a nice, healthy patch instead of barren earth, and benefits the tree, too.