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Well, wouldn’t you know it?


Redistricting in City Council is always about screwing somebody who doesn’t go along with the gang and rewarding those who do.


So it was no surprise to hear that the new redistricting plan – which I’d call the Sweeney/Westbrook/Jackson – plan to get rid of an up and coming local political voice – Councilman Brian Cummins.


Cummins showed independence, thoughtfulness and some courage.

He’s really got to go!


Cummins has been too outspoken for his political health. He didn’t learn the Council way – keep your head down and go along enough

to get along.


So the powers that be – Sweeney (that’s Martin, the Council President) Westbrook (that’s veteran former Council President and Sweeney’s political shoulder) and Jackson (that’s Frank the Mayor) – drew the line of Cummins’ ward so that he’d lose his base.


I missed some of this intrigue, having been out of town for a time.


I didn’t care for the way Bill Callahan, a long-time Westbrook political ally, took after Cummins on RealNEO. Callahan certainly has the right to comment. He even lives in Cummins’ Ward 15 and he’s been a credible voice on city issues.


Westbrook was a renegade politician kept out of City Council by George Forbes after being chosen, as tradition dictated, by retiring Councilman Benny Bonanno. However, he has been a get-along, go-along survivor since 1980. He hasn’t lived up to expectations and became a toady for former Mayor Michael White. It’s also of interest that his wife, Helen Williams, a Cleveland Foundation executive, was a member of the Greater Cleveland Partnership panel that selected the Tower City site for the Med Mart and new Convention Center last August.


I didn’t like the snide shots Callahan took and made comment on this site. I’d have thought he might be angrier with Council leadership for cutting up his ward.


One could also ask why Callahan wasn’t just as upset as Cummins about the cut up of the ward where both live.


Cummins has been outspoken, even favored Council reduction, a risky proposition with fellow members. So he will likely pay the price.


So will Ward 15. And so will the rest of the people of Cleveland.


Because we just killed another responsible, intelligent voice.


And that’s the real tragedy of this episode. We have so many intelligent voices that we can afford to get rid of a few. That’s my snide showing.










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It takes a man...

Thanks Roldo for saying it...because if a woman says it....well, you know...

Today, I spoke with the woman reporter who covered the front page story on a house picked up by Katherine Chilcote in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood for $5,000.  I have no problem with a young person picking up a house in the city, but what factors might have made it easier for her?  I would like the PD to answer some of these obvious questions...

Callahan's comments regarding the redistricting seem suspect to me, too.  Henry Gomez posts Callahan's glib "Chickens, meet roost" line, but I would ask the PD to first check your sources....and, check again...what are the relationships and who benefits here?

what factors might have made it easier.....

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... Chilcote... Chilcote...

now whERE have I heard that name before....?

Need to see Christmas Card Mailing Lists

I'm afraid pretty much all the people behind all the planning BS in this region are trying to stay long-time frineds... wouldn't want to miss all those Cleveland Foundation Christmas Parties at the Union Club and retreats to wherever the "Bridge Builders" here go... so I guess they all plan to go down in the same highly compromised ship.

Eventually, more people from the "inside" will find themselve on the outside - UNEMPLOYEED and UNEMPLOYABLE as a result of the failure of the Master Planners and their ultimate lack of loyalty to anyone outside the smallest circles of friends and family... you know the names.


Is there perhaps an honest voice left in you?

I look forward to seeing smart people here decide the underside of the inside is not where they want to end their careers.

Want to see a ship lose it's crew, real soon... it is safe to now say all confidence everywhere in the world in the PD's chances to survive are over - expect a rapid downward spiral... anyone ready to write a tell-all?!?!

Doug Clifton... you still out there in the bushes?

Jane and Hunter - any interest in writing your stories right?

Disrupt IT

Perhaps in "CoolCleveland"-land but not in REALNEO

What the hell is Mansfield Frazier talking about.

First of all, because Brain had the guts and civic honesty to come forward with his concerns about the redistricting in a truly public way, citizens have become directly engaged in this issue

Second, citizens will not be denied access to information and control of the process, even if it requires recalling Sweeney and Jackson... perhaps Masfield never knew Citizen Hauser... too bad... too late.

Third, the PD has already published serious articles and editorials questioning everything about the redistricting and has put in public records requests regarding the same.

Fourth, where do CoolCleveland/Masfield Frazier get their funding and support, who are their business partners, like their technology partner Optiem (IT provider to GCP, COSE, JumpStart, NORTECH) and where do they get their funding and support? Conflicts of interest, in a million directions, perhaps?

The Vice of the Machine!

Best they stick to paid advertising and event promotion there - they are entiurely corporate and not a forum for hard intellectual investigation... wrong intellectual property ownership model and owners.

So, disregard what Masfield says there, and fight against it, that's is for damn sure!

Disrupt IT

Old Brooklyn Blog link required reading

There we go - intelligent life on NEO. Must read Old Brooklyn Blog is just getting started on this...

Disrupt IT