Mr. Dimora is now working for the taxpayers - ironically

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 02/07/2012 - 20:57.

Mr. Dimora was always about 15 minutes late to meetings he attended - I was there.   Just a  little slap in the public's face, no matter.

Now, however, with the ongoing federal trial in Akron, Ohio, Mr. Jim Dimora is finally giving us taxpayers a little value.  

Mr. Dimora is graphically illustrating how government operates.   Mr. Dimora, by showing up for trial with his wife and children every day - rather than pleading and avoiding trial - is providing the public (and of course the Dirty Dealer and other media) a windfall of education and financial benefit.   

We all benefit because Mr. Dimora is making it graphically clear how government operates in North East Ohio.  

Finally, Mr. Dimora is providing public benefit as a public servant.  

And those other folks at the table above - they all had YOUR civic interest at heart!   Why else would they have signed up Cuyahoga County without a vote for a billion dollar MedCon provided by a guy from Chicago with whom Mr. Hagan vacationed on Martha's Vineyard?

Image 7.18.07 Cleveland Public Library downtown - Medcon meeting with Chris Kennedy.   Mr. Hagan had the citizens' best interests at heart!  So does Lee Trotter and Dennis Madden.   And Peter?   



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