A Day on the Farm in a Digital City

Submitted by marccanter on Sun, 04/26/2009 - 07:42.

We went out to Oberlin yesterday to meet Brad Masi and talk about how we can work together.  I also got to meet some old Obie friends (I'm from the class of '80.)



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Rutabaga Nights

I guess anyone reading this post should also know about Rutabaga nights, a fund raiser for LEAF (Lakewood Earth and Food) and City Fresh. If you're reading this, odds are you know those organizations work with Community Supported Agriculture programs to bring produce from small farms within 75 miles of Cleveland into the city for sale. City Fresh distributes to about 16 locations, including East Cleveland, Slavic Village, Ohio City, and among them Lakewood. Besides City Fresh produce, LEAF also works with a couple other NEO CSAs--Covered Bridges farms and the Certified organic Geauga family Farms.

ANYWAY: Rutabaga Nights = 5 bands (Outside Jakes, (blues/bluegrass/folk) Mobius (straight ahead jazz) Good Things (flamenco based World music) The Green Escalators (rock) and Hobo Monk (Rock). There's food, drinks, a silent art auction, and interactive video play stations featuring, among other things, real dirt. We'll be at the Screw Factory, 13000 Athens Ave in Lakewood from 7 p.m. to midnight Saturday, May 2.  Tickets: $25.


e-mail me for tickets. mgill at clevescene.com.







Intriguing concert locale--conveniently located in Birdtown on the border of Lakewood and Cleveland...a few blocks from the RTA redline...doable for me.