Citizen Ed Hauser Whiskey Island Bridge and "Hauser Way" Dedication - May 2, 2009

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 05/04/2009 - 17:45.

This un-edited video presents the complete 1 hour and 5 minute Citizen Hauser Whiskey Island Bridge and Hauser Way Dedication.

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great video jeff wish i could do

great video jeff wish i could do-

all my life i just bearly make it-

just enough to get by-

that why i'm not kidding or flatering you all-

i sit on the shoulders of you giants-

when not if i get my social security appeal money-

i goin to buy a sony or jvc 60g or less video camera 2000x zoom

and there about 3 -4 hundred dollars-

i have a rca wonder camera now  30 minutes 4x zom

plugs in ubs no soft ware needed-

do you know of anyone that has a video camera that they would donate to me  quest so i could help the community much more - great karma and tax deduction-

you where to my left as you videoed and i saw you and said to my self and the e.t.'s ed etc. spirits that i would love to do what that person is doing with your pro camera etc.-

when i did covert stuff now i do overt stuff we great soldiers etc. had secret little camers watchs pens buttons  hats i heard some volunteers had cameras implanted in their body  parts etc.-

we got ed implanted in us now- is our home away from home-

i feel so much love

yogi guy