image too full of shadow - HDR can help

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 02/10/2012 - 23:45.

Computer + camera = faster (but usually not better) than the eye.   But faster than our brains.   High Dynamic Range (HDR) image capture is a high speed multiple sampling - with the camera's built in computer analyzing the underexposed and overexposed frames and combining them.

The image above suffered from a very hard backlight off the ocean.   I put the image through Photoshop to bring out the color on the skate board wheels and on the shoes.  With HDR in  camera - the color renditions would be automatic.   If you collect your images in RAW - you will have more ability to tweek them in the same fashion as HDR does. 

Below is the same jpeg image before it was pushed through Photoshop.   With HDR in your camera (I don't have it) the image will automatically look more like the top image.

But here is another tech question: how does this guy make the skateboard rise up from the pavement and stay in contact with his feet?   

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