My Religion? Praying Mantis

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 03/24/2009 - 15:59.

praying mantis cocoonIf you see one of these attached to a stalk of dry grass - be respectful. 

This is the cocoon of a praying mantis and the winter sleeping bag of your summer "envelope  of protection" against insects that want your blood. 

There really is an "envelope"
around us - but rather than respect it - we get nervous and go after it with Raid. 

Every summer  bats, spiders,  dragon flies, praying mantis' and many other insect hunters shield us from insects that want to feed on us. 

RES_PECT!  Find out what it means!  

Let nature wrap you up in its protective envelope...


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strange beauty

 aren't these the most beautiful? For some reason our South of Lorain yard is loaded with them (despite my cat's best efforts). I have to admit the first time I saw one I was a little freaked, it looked so strange - like a wad of spit. Nice pic!

Mantis' eat butterflies too

not butterflies!!!

 thats so sad!

well then, I won't feel so bad when my cat catches one... (a praying mantis, that is... he catches butterflies too, and grasshoppers)