My tuk-tuk driver, and his wife, who cleans for me, brought me gifts for my recent 71st birthday.

Submitted by Oldroser on Wed, 02/12/2014 - 18:27.

Vinicio lived in New Jersey, where his parents and a brother still live, so he has excellent English, a big help to me. I am trying, but it is hard to rememlber the words. Italian from 50 years ago is coming back, which is understandable; and then they correct me.

He and Jacqieline have three daughters. The oldest one just had her big (often bigger than a wedding, I am told) 15th birthday party.

They never had had a dog, but love my Brody, and asked if they could adopt him if I went back home for good. "No!" I said. Now they just adopted a one-month old poodle puppy whose owner didn't want it.

They were here when the Episcopal priest came over to give me communion, and so heard him ask me how old I was and me say "This Friday, I will be 71 years old."

On Friday I was very suprised when they showed up with two rose cuttings, which he planted for me, flowers (including a rose) and a cake with whipped cream frosting.


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Happy for Antigua Roser :)

  Happy Birthday Anita - glad to see you have new family in Antigua and a birthday celebration!