NELSON CINTRON Jr Joins TWITTER, come join him!!!

Submitted by Nelson Cintron Jr on Sat, 07/25/2009 - 20:42.

Nelson Cintron Jr has now joined Twitter! 

You can now join the ELECT NELSON CINTRON JR campaign on Twitter! 

Click the link below:


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Following :)

 Is it wrong to base my vote on the best Twitter profile photo????

I'm sticking with REAL NEO


After visiting all of those social networking sites and coming here... I find REAL NEO the best location across the board filled with some of the most stimulating people who REALLY do care about our community at large... Even when we "AGREE TO DISAGREE" and we work through our differences. I'd love to put up a billboard in the community that tells people to come here... to

There's so much reinvention of the wheels of communication on those websites. It's great to have all of this technology, but it's becomes like a full time job running from website to website and who really has the time to do that. I was so glad that you got the candidates to be on here talking about issues.

I believe that any candidate who'll stand up amidst the people at REALNEO to fight injustices, fight corruption, and to work towards unification deserves our respect. I love this website, the people herein, and the absolute courage that is shown by the truth seekers encompassing.  Thanks for making this website available to our citizens! God Bless!