A New Perspective on Urban Settlements in America: Veronica Moss Visits Times Square

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 11/26/2009 - 06:40.

Start Thanksgiving with a smile, and a new perspective on urban settlements in America - enjoy "Veronica Moss Visits Times Square". I found this video at Rob Pitingolo's very cool NEO-based blog - Extraordinary Observations (since September, 2004)... originally from StreetFilms.org.


Definitely check out Extraordinary Observations , which we should add to our blogroll, if it isn't there... and welcome to our newest REALNEO/REAL COOP member, Rob Pitingolo... "progressive, urbanist, entrepreneur, blogger, thinker"... REALNEO's kind of guy!

I look forward to more of your extraordinary observations.


Thanks for the shoutout, Norm.

I see you are an economist

Let's bust some real NEO data loose, and use it for good

Disrupt IT

State funds

  Why do we keep the gravy flowing at ODOT, while cutting services and funding to the walkable communities served by local libraries, local schools, and local public transportation network/options???? 

Want to balance the budget? 

Stop funding Opportunity Corridors to nowhere and highway barrier walls! Thank you Rob for adding your voice to the mix. 

The more the merrier!!  Make hay :)



I  was a frequent rider of the RTA for many years.  It was my means of transportation to work, to medical facilities, shoping, business offices, visits, outings with my son and even on a date once to Stoffers in public square. 

As a single mom, time was something I took where ever I could find it and being that I didn't have much time to read, I used my RTA travel time as reading time. 

When you have good connections and good schedules, traveling by bus can be quite an adventure.  it takes away the headache of dealing with road rage, having to fuel up, parking, the stress of driving, it's cheaper, etc  "Just get on the bus - and leave the driving to us." 

A lot of people can ride on the same vehicle which in what I see as eliminating a lot of traffic on the road. 

The bus provides access to connections throughout the inner city for many who would otherwise not have the ability to leave their neighborhood.  A lot of elderly people use the RTA system because they can no longer drive and can no longer afford the high cost of insurance, automobile maintenence, they have no place to park and so they just would rather do all their business via the bus line. 

The circulators were great - you could run over to the Westside Market get your fruits and veggies and be back home before Judge Judy came on.  I am all for the RTA.

Save the CAR!

  It's such a needed message in our society--thanks for the message--pass it along :)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. 

I enjoyed the free admission to the Cleveland Zoo this morning with my husband, two of my daughters, one son-in-law, and one of my granddaughters.  Then later in the afternoon, I had dinner at home with my youngest son and his family.  It was a nice, enjoyable day, and I am thankful for it.

Hope everyone had a happy day today.



Nice report Ward14

Simple, but complex.  Thanks for your Thanksgiving Family input.  Happy ThanksGiving!

and to you, W14R

 it was a good day.


Just simple - Thanksgiving got started off a bit iffy, my jeep was on the fritz and any visiting I had hoped to do would have to be done riding shotgun with my mom to all the stops she was planning to make (and there can be many). 

My son being the cook in his house decided that he and his family would have a quiet dinner at home with the kids since both he and his wife worked late on Wednesday and had to be at work again at 5:00am on Friday - but I was to make a stop in as soon as I got the opportunity.

About 3:30pm, I had my mom drop me off - just had to see those two little smiling faces of my grandkids with mashed potatoes and gravy smeared about - and listen to the laughter - however, being a little late, what I walked in on was priceless.

I walked in the kitchen door  to the aroma of the Thanksgiving dinner still in the air, leftovers still on the table, pots and pans on the stove, some dishes in the sink, a quiet toasty warm house - as I stepped into the living room, I just stopped to let my mind soak up what I was looking at. 

Home Alone was on the TV and they were all curled up together and sleeping so peacefully.  There was my son, his wife, their two beautiful children - Cybil the cat was laying on the back of the sofa, no doubt after having her share of turkey as well.  Everything my whole life had been about was right there in that room - I smiled to myself and took a few moments to capture the picture in my mind and then I just quietly eased back out the door and called my mom back to pick me up.  It was a perfect Thanksgiving.