Hazardous Materials Trucked Through Our Neighborhoods.

Submitted by RAG on Fri, 10/16/2009 - 08:45.
Hazardous Materials hauled through School Zones and Neighborhoods. 9-16-09

Resident Advocacy Group - Tremont
RAG - Resident Advocacy Group

Does anyone know what this stuff is?

Looks like a holding tank, I



Looks like a holding tank, I would think they use that suck up stuff, that’s what it looks like.

The short cutting through that area is a big problem isn’t it? Your concerns are very legitimate the city should have people that address that, what can be transported on what roads and when.

The valley has ways in and out other than the residential streets, they needs maps and routes they demand and then cameras if necessary to enforce it.

I do not think they are transporting hazardous material, that not or is not listed as something they offer as a service and that does require permits to do so.


doesn't look like hazardous waste

For too many years, huge trucks from all over the country got lost on my street taking down overhead wires as they tried to find NorthEast Chemical at Fulton and Monroe, property owned by B & B. They were full of hazardous waste chemicals going to NEC to be distilled. There are symbols that must be present on the trucks. Residents need to learn these symbols and also need to find out if there are any chemical "recyclers" in the valley. If there are chemical companies in the flats that ship in and out, this is an additional problem to the traffic concerns.




Dow Chemical's Dow Water Solutions ?

i dont know...

5000 lb sandblasting pot

You can see more sandblasting pots at Google Images

The hose on the truck looks like sandblast line, and the top loading tank on the 2 wheel trailer with the yellow blow off line visible sticking up at the bottom is a sandblasting pot.    The sand trickles out of the bottom of the pressurized pot like an hour glass sand flow into a pressurized rubber hose.  At the operator's end of the hose the sand, (or other type of abrasive - garnet, chilled iron shot, Blackbeauty coal slag, walnut shells, bicarbonate of soda) grit comes out a tungsten nozzle at about the speed of sound and is used for a lot of purposes, including cleaning rust and paint off structural steel.   

 Is there any bridge painting work going on around you?  They also use the sandblaster to clean molds at the steel/iron casting operations at Mittal - but they probably have their own. And many other uses.

The only component missing is the large air compressor - which is probably left on the job site while the pot is taken to a silo to get refilled.  The red machine on the trunk - which is not very visible - may be a 600 lb sandblast pot.

I have used similar equipment.   Neither the equipement nor the normal abrasives are hazardous if it isn't you using the equipment.

If you click on the SCMI link in Oengus's comment, you will see the type of work which Suburban Maintenance and Construction Inc. undertakes.   The steel beams in the lower LH image on their home page may have been blasted with the equipment in the image posted by RAG.

Thanks for the

Thanks for the comments.

There were 2 trucks in front and 2 trucks in back of this one. They drove very slowly in a caravan. It seemed like they thought it was dangerous.


of course I do

 the other comment was right about it being a sandblast pot,,,the Red part is a manifold and the tank is a sandblast holding tank..other than the weight it should be safe,,,where ever they are blasting should protected be your DEQ