The new sculpture in town - Murase Associates/Robert Murase for RTA

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Wed, 10/22/2008 - 00:58.

You may have noticed a group of golden brown rectangular stones swelling out of the ground in the Euclid Avenue median across from Severance Hall. I don't have a good photo yet, but I will post one soon. The work is by Murase Associates founded by Robert Murase (1938-2005) a Japanese American landscape architect. I used google maps to look at the site prior to the installation of the sculpture and the median and I am amazed by how much more attractive the intersection of Euclid and East Boulevard now looks. How does the sculpture work with its surrounding -- particularly Severance Hall, one of Cleveland's most cherished buildings? You be the judge as things take shape.

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Andy Goldsworthy

Methinks, the artist stole his concept from the brilliant Andy Goldsworthy.  Nonetheless, it works. 


Today's PD, includes Steven Litt's appraisal of a redesign of the University Circle bus drop-off.  I am all for good design, but where does the money come for these BIG ideas, when the circulators have been dropped and REAL people suffer from lack of service???

A Couple Pieces of "Local" Andy Goldsworthy Art...

I was able to tour the sculpture meadow at Kentuck Knob, (a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright) near Ohiopyle, PA a few weeks ago, and took these photos...

Floodstones Cairn by Andy GoldsworthyFloodstones Cairn by Andy Goldsworthy

Floodstones CairnFloodstones Cairn by Andy Goldsworthy

Room by Andy Goldsworthy 

Room by Andy Goldsworthy

righteous ROCKS

  I love ROCKS!!! Thanks Bill !!

(It's worth blowing out the format with BIG ROCKS :)