Not one more dime...

Submitted by lmcshane on Tue, 01/31/2012 - 20:36.

Cleveland City Council folks are being evasive--they know that the shady contractor Peter Tien has asked the Mayor and Council's approval for some up front money.  Fortunately, Ohio Citizen Action (and to his credit, Councilman Brian Cummins) are on top of the shell game:


 From Ohio Citizen Action:
Thanks to all who were able to join us at City Hall for the Council meeting last night. Our protest was the lead story on Channel 5 and was also covered on Channel 3. Our supporters wore their t-shirts to the council meeting, with the red "No Cleveland Incinerator" sign on one side and the green "Yes Composting/Recycling" sign on the other, and after the Council meeting ended, some of the folks had an informal discussion with Mayor Frank Jackson. We definitely have the City's attention.
There are three more Cleveland Public Power meetings on this proposal coming up in the next two weeks.  The dates and times are:
Wednesday, February 8 – Cudell Recreation Center 6-9 p.m., 1910 West Boulevard
Thursday, February 9– Harvard Community Services Center 6-9p.m.18240 Harvard Avenue
Wednesday, February 15 – West Side Ecumenical Ministry 6-9 p.m. 5209 Detroit Avenue
 Please plan to attend at least one of these meetings.
Several people had requested a new website as a central place to find documents and news coverage about the incinerator proposal. Angela Oster has just set up a new blogspot, called It has links to resources, and to the various groups working on the campaign, as well as news coverage. 
From Councilman Cummins:
LEGISLATIVE UPDATE -- CPP proposed Municipal Solid Waste to Energy Facility. Cleveland City Council introduced legislation for granting the Administration authority to enter into contract for consulting services to review responses to a Request for Information & Qualifications for technology providers and vendors for the proposed project. The scope for the consultation also seeks to develop financing options and other issues needed to move the project forward. Opponents of the project call for a halt of any new expenditures for this initiative, until the current air permit application is withdrawn and the gasification and pelletization components of the project are dropped. The initiative must be re-worked to focus on city-wide recycling and exploration of a county-wide or regional resource recovery center and composting facility.