Nude phobia? Man arrested for being naked in own home

Submitted by Eternity on Thu, 10/22/2009 - 16:45.


I have read this. And for

I have read this. And for me, I think he wanted to show off his body to the passerby outside his home, for the fact that he knows his naked body could be seen because of an opened window. He is such a pervert! A normal man could not do that. Is it also possible??

Reading this issue made me wonder another version of this story. This is what I have found out. Sheriff's deputies were summoned to a Florida gentleman's club Tuesday night when a 25-year-old woman stripped naked and asked clients for cash. That may seem normal enough, with the exception that the woman was not working for the club. Check this out: Florida woman arrested for stripping at club where she doesn't work.

Please compare the two situations. Kindly, tell me what are their differences and similarities as we are reviewing this issue.