ODOT - killing us with terrible highway construction management

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 12/02/2012 - 22:27.

In the recent presidential election, your Ohio citizen vote was coveted.   You, a human in America, were important.

Not on Interstate 90 in NEOhio.  (image above - two lanes - no shoulder either side - just Jersey barriers - where will snow be shoved?)

Your life is dirt!

Allega Construction has equipment working on sections of  Interstate 90 between Cleveland and the Pennsylvania border.

But it is December!   Say what?  December?   snow?   

The interstate between Cleveland and the Penn boarder is still "under construction".   Drive it at night, in a freezing rain, and you know that ODOT is a waste.  

People will die because ODOT has not managed the Allega construction schedule ( scheduled to be completed June 30, 2012) to make sure that all highway work is completed by the end of November.

In Pennsylvania, and all along the New York Thruway - every construction job is finished.   Painted lines are reflective. Your life seems somewhat important and secure.

Not in Ohio. 

Not with Allega.

Your life, if you are Ohioian and drive this highway, is cheap. 

Another example of failed government in Ohio. 

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