Offshore development works better?

Submitted by scott.allerdice on Wed, 01/12/2011 - 02:03.

Offshore Development is the happening thing being witnessed. The trend has fast emerged and is growing at an even faster pace. But what is it that is making this shift so popular?

It is easy to see the logic behind as people would naturally turn to an option that is better suited to them. Global connectivity makes things easier. As the competition is growing in the local markets and economic pressures are increasing people are exploring other options for software developments or other software solutions. With a little exploration one is able to find offshore solutions that offer better professional solutions that you might be looking for?

The Asian market in this term is doing well as it represents a cheaper market that is willing to offer its professional services. The western market taking advantage is turning towards this resource as it is a cheaper alternative. Another factor that works out well in the favor of those seeking offshore developments solutions is that they get ready made custom solutions within the time frame and budget that they require. It is an easy and quick solution that makes things simpler. All one needs to do is send the given requirements and wait for the results.

All said and done is not however how it always works out. Where there are advantages there are also some disadvantages that are part of the package.

The distance between the provider and developer can create misunderstandings regarding communication. The time difference may mean confusing the target deadline. As the project is being handled is in different hands at a different place you cannot overlook it and point out any errors or changes. It is only when it comes to you that you are able to review it and thus it may take more time and effort than anticipated. More time and work may mean an increase in the work budget, so the cost saving that you might be thinking of may not work out at all. Therefore management oversight is very important in an offshore project. In the end it all depends on how you go about it, if it can work wonders but it can also turn out to be a complete failure.