Urge Crocker Park to Begin a Recycling Program

Submitted by csuphoto on Wed, 12/09/2009 - 12:31.
Crocker Park, image from ecowatch.org

Please read this surprising article by John Prindle about Crocker Park's lack of recycling.  Then take action.  Let them know that this policy is unacceptable.



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csuphoto's, thanks for the

csuphoto's, thanks for the information. I sent the following email to Mr. Whitehouse.  I hope it encourages him to start a recycling program at Crocker Park. 

Dear Mr. Whitehouse,
It has been brought to my attention that Crocker Park does not have a recycling option available.  Please allow the many businesses, residents and visitors of Crocker Park to dispose of their waste in a more sustainable way.
Keeping the environment healthy is everyone's responsibility.  I am positive that you will want to help with this effort to reduce waste by providing a recycling program for Crocker Park.
Thank you.

Disgusting ... What about Legacy Village, Beachwood Place, etc.?

I am absolutely disgusted that Crocker Park has not had a recycling plan in place from the start -- for every business and every shopper. Whoever is in charge of buildings and grounds there should be fired. I can't say that I have shopped there more than once or twice since it opened but I will not shop there again until they are managing their property more sustainably.

What about other area shopping centers?  Are they doing any better?