Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 03/22/2011 - 19:18.

Recent comments and conversation on Realneo have brought to light that it would be helpful to those interested to have a technical session re: posting to drupal social network/media sites like Realneo.

In preparation for such a session, please comment in this thread about what TECHNICALLY frustrates you about realneo, and what you would like to TECHNICALLY learn. 

For example, it is clear that posting videos is difficult, that the way posts break (from the homepage to the "read more" page) is not clear, and that the admin involvement is not clear either, and that more user authority (to shut off comments for example) might be desired.

I anticipate that the discussion session will be held at a public library venue in Cleveland in the second half of April, 2011.   

This will be a technical discussion only.    No site politics will be addressed.

Keep in mind that Realneo is using an obsolete and unsupported old version of Drupal.   If Realneo is to have more bells and whistles, then about $2,000 of tech time is necessary.   But that starts to get into politics.



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why a meeting?

How about we start with a "tech page" that states it plain and simple.

That way if someone has 4 days a week committed to volunteer work in between 2 jobs, they can peruse it at their leisure.



I don't know about $2000 - I wouldn't know anything about being paid for my volunteer work.

I just got a private email

I just got a private email from a not too happy realneo user -   the user misunderstood my comments regarding inserting video into realneo – and appears to have taken the $2000.00  # as an extortive demand to “restore” the ability to place video in user posts. 
The present Drupal version used by realneo is obsolete, no longer supported, and needs to be upgraded at least 2 versions. It is a waste of tech time and $ to try to install a newer video module into this old version of Drupal.    To my knowledge, no video module has been removed  from  or changed in the Realneo Drupal version now running.    Users have the same blog insertion compatibilities they have always had.  
$2000 would pay for the (not me)  tech time to upgrade to a newer Drupal version and link all the present Realneo content into the new software.

tech stuff

Jeff Buster, I think that administators should spend two weeks are mere users, not in an admin account, using realneo, foregoing all use of the admin account except to address things such as spam, etc., prior to your tech meeting.

When you run into difficulties, go to the how to use realneo instructions, and then follow them. Post photos, embed video, etc from the regular user account. Use your account page to "turn off" comments, and watch that NOT happen.

I think that this would be an eye opening experience, and will enhance what you are trying to do in addressing tech issues. 


Dw - you are right - admin web view is different

Since you brought this up a few weeks ago, I have been posting/reading with a regular user account and the modules/comments/post are more difficult to put content into.

Thank you for recognizing and pointing this difference of viewpoint out. 

Go to the How to Use realNEO Instructions? You'd have to

find them first, not easy for an "elder" such as I. I did find how to post a picture by doing a search and bookmarked it. If a search brings up a large number of pages, however, I am not going to look through them all. Posting more than one picture has been difficult even if more than one picture has been uploaded.

Why can't there be a Help added along the top, at the far right. This could have a menu of how to do things.

I don't think I should post to the front page always nor should others. What is the criteria?

I suppose one ought to be allowed to delete one's own posts but never be allowed to delete anyone else's. Deleting your own might make the posts afterwards seem odd. Perhaps a placeholder should be required to be left with the reason for deleting or for editing if that is done later.




hello, oldroser

I still have not been able to post a photo, and gave up a long time ago.  I sent my photos of the dogs to Norm and he inserted them for me.

BTW, a bunch of the sweet williams that you gave me survived the brutal summer and long winter, and are up, looking good! I look forward to seeing them in bloom.


Broaden Realneo tech edu to more users

I'd love to learn how to put a video link with start/pause facility in a message posted on Realneo as I've seen others do. As it is now I tell more skilled users about YouTube posts and they, if they see fit, place the link.