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 Again, it seems that somebody had their ears on at the OSS meeting last Monday night.

This morning I arose to find Treehouse business owner Tom Leneghan and Jason Beudert on College Avenue with a truck load of orange cones, yellow tape and laminated signs stating "Tremont Resident Parking Only."

They were attempting to block off street parking for residents before the bar's sports patrons began arriving. 

I did go out to help out with this plan and instead of having them block off an entire section of the street (which they were planning, with good intentions) I just had them place the cones in the spots where residents who lived on this street actually used.  I wanted to be reasonable.

They were even kind enough to let us keep several of the cones and use them whenever necessary - the residents could take them out when leaving and bring them in upon their return.

While understood this is only a very temporary solution, it shows a willingness to try on behalf of one business owner and that is progress which is what we need - we need the other business owners to come to the table and put forth the effort to try.    Kudos go out to Tom Leneghan and Jason Beudert of the Treehouse. 





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Now to see if patrons are as civilized

Nice news and story.

I wonder how patrons will respond. Keep us posted on the response

Are these spaces legally designated for residents by the city and will the police ticket non-residents (how will they know who is who?).

As I recall, when I lived on Hessler we had resident stickers for our cars, and non-residents could not park for more than a few hours. I assure you, one place worse for parking than the strip in Tremont is anywhere in University Circle.

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No Norm, these are not

No Norm, these are not legally designated by the city.  These are simply cones and signs donated by Treehouse owner Tom Leneghan to help the residents possible hold their parking spots while the sports visitors (ball players) patronize his establishment. 

Whether it will help or not is yet to be seen.  At least, they provided us with a few cones and the signs, at least for today, the residents can test the waters and when they leave the house, they can place the cones in their spots and see if they still have a place when they return.  It's a beginning.  I'm open for anything that will put us on the road to a solution and get these business owners to the table and start discussing the fact that they have to BUY/LEASE SOME PROPERTY FOR PARKING - LIABILITY INSURANCE - SECURITY, ETC., these things are what will fix this problem.

Absolutely need real parking solutions in Tremont

I suggest you have the city designate the majority of streets in Tremont as resident parking areas and issue permits and stickers - even at some cost to residents, it is worth the intrusion... you will be able to park near home, and protect your property better.

And, area businesses owe it to their customers and the neighborhood to provide areas for parking. When I go to Tremont, I park down the hill by the Gospel Press, for now, but that area will soon be filled with visitors to that development... things are going to get tighter.

Each business should provide some specified number of parking spaces, per 1,000 square feet of business establishment, rated to the type of business establishment, and those spaces may be aggregated in a central location - and made much greener than if each business had separate parking.

Some blocks in Tremont may be busy enough now to be designated car free, except for resident access... like E. 4th... perhaps with limited hours.

But everyone in the community must plan together, with the residents taking the lead.

Not a job for TWDC!

I don't like to feel that I am an intruder on the well being of residents, when I go to Tremont - I'd like residents to come first.

TWDC does not appear to put residents first.

Nice to see Treehouse does appear to put residents first... they really started the commercial re-boom, in that part of Treemont, and they should help enforce smart living there for the best futures for all.

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It would ot be a TWDC

It would ot be a TWDC concern except, when these business want to come in the neighborhood, they go to TWDC for endorsement and support - now, there are anumber of them that gained endorsement, letters of support and actual representation at the Board of Zoning Appeals stating that these places DO have off street parking - even turned in site plans supporting such. however, as soon as they are granted the variances (based on the sited plans, the letter of support by TWDC and the twstimony at the hearing) they built patios in those designated parking spaces.  With no enforcement - and no one to see to it that the requirements as per the zoning board conditions were carried out - the parking gets worse and TWDC continues to endorse more businesses to come into the area knowing full well they don't have parking -

Gospel Press does have a number of public parking places on West 7th - the new parking lot on jefferson is supposed to house about 30 public spaces which will help - but it will no ease the number of spaces required by these restaurants wich by occupancy numbars alone need 30-35 off street spaces and have none. 

If TWDC does not want it to be their problem - they should stop writing letter of support and going down to the Zoning board stating that these places are compliant and have all the necessary requirement for parking - when they do not. 

This if the job of City Hall

There are many laws being broken here - fraud, violation of permits, gross political incompetence and corruption, to name a few - and the crimes are being commited by the political leaders of Cleveland and their officers.

As councilman, I'm sure Cimperman has some responsibility to insure the laws and codes of the city are met and enforced, in his ward. Ultimately, that responsibility is with Mayor Jackson.

There is clear evidence they are not doing their sworn duties and the question must be why?

Why is the City of Cleveland looking the other way!

Answering that question is the job of Triozi.

Investigation Triozi not doing his job is probably the job of County prosecutor Mason.

Investigating Mason not doing his job is probably the job of the FBI.

So, it seems it is up to the FBI to solve Tremont's parking problem.

Or you could demand that your @(#($^% councilman and Mayor do their @(#(%^$ jobs.

The solutions to all your problems in Tremont - including excessive pollution from Mittal - are offered through competent enforcement by the city of exisiting codes and regulations.

For example, imagine if the Cleveland Police arrested every person who comes to Tremont from the suburbs, gets drunk at the Treehouse, and jumps on the roadways... that would calm your parking problems right down.

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2-3 times the capacity of traditional parking.


I could see that and that they really have limits as for adding anything new to that area.

I wonder if strategically placed parking garages will work? I would suggest the use of robotics with those basically hiding them in smaller spaces. Making them look like the existing architecture of the area.

The CDC instigated construction, and still is, that is inferior, that needs to stop. If they invest in parking and high end parking facilities then all development must be of high quality.

Having defined robotic garages and valet services, then also having residential permits is best. Park and walk or valet. But parking should not be giant monsters that destroy the look of the neighborhood.

don't distract (ad nauseum)

 from the issue.

Parking is in their SII

Parking is in their SII proposal, it calls for a 111 car garage and various flat lots.   

They will not get it right look at the level its at.

Whats the issue we are all side stepping that private citizens cannot assign rights to public streets.   Norman did a nice job of addresing that diplomatically.

Taking it to a higher level is that a distraction than I will remain guilty of that. 



We all know that his falls

We all know that This falls in line with some of the corruption - inspectors not doing their jobs - but getting anything done about it is another thing.  Exactly who's door do we park this rig in front of is the big question? 

That is why Residents Action Team Support System (RATSS) is being set up.  These individuals will be selected from those with the knowledge, expertise and backgrounds to assist to either getting us past the local levels or provide us with the resources to gain access to agencies, enforcement, departments, etc., of higher authority.  These individuals can also work as ghost riders and remain anonymous as long as they lead us in the right direction.  No one in the community at large will know who these people are.   

For instance, there is a Right to Quiet Society - and a Right to Breath Clean Air Society - both of these non-profit organization provide assistance and even as a last resort, legal assistance if necessary in some cases.  There are many many organization out there that are willing to come in and assist with bringing some of this stuff under control.

As far as the police arresting anybody - no that won't happen, we already been there - at the safety summit the other night, I ask Commander Sulzer about the new signs that had gone up - now that the city has spent all this money and to make the neighborhood safer, how would we go about getting enforcement - and he clearly let me know that he really didn't want to ticket the patrons, I think the way he said it was ,"I want to see the bars in Tremont thrive,"  I didn't push it.  i wasn't going to get anywhere.  I did tell Traffic Commissioner Rob Mavec that I had seen more patrons drive away because they were too drunk to walk.

That is why we need somebody who knows how to get us to a higher authority with out being circumvented.



How did you come up with the name that lead to RATSS? How funny.

Try to meet with the director of public safety. It is not easy to schedule a meeting but it can be done. Try a letter to let him know that you will be calling to schedule the meeting and that you will go to City Hall to meet. The police chief and chief and other safety forces report to Director Martin Flask (used to be a narcotics officer). I think that this traffic nightmare is more than just police enforcement. If there were to be a fire, could the fire department get to where they need to be on those small curving congested roads? Then there is the trash problems. This is all public safety concerns. Just a FYI...The people in Ohio City that has their life disrupted by Moda used video cameras to document some of the problems. When they could not get anywhere, then they turned the film over to a local TV station. It needs to be down by people who can move fast as drunks can be mean.


One video in a bar... the next of him in his car... and Zack Reed was toast.

You need one video inside a Tremont bar, filming drunks getting drunk, and one video outside of the same drunks getting into their cars and driving away.

Repeat nightly.

Perhaps you should call Carl Monday.

I believe TWDC has the outside Drunk Cams already in place - has anyone followed up to see how to access the video feeds already captured by TWDC to monitor for drunk drivers and other illegal activity in Tremont?

Big brother is watching you - might as well put his lazy, worthless ass to work for you!

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license plates

 Getting a shot of the drunk in the dark can be tricky so try to get a license plate shot in too. We have very talented photographers who post here who can give tips on techniques for good photos or film in the dark.

Well, yes that is the next

Well, yes that is the next step.  We're planning on doing a lot of videoing, documenting and corrolating.   So, if you're in Tremont and you getting a head job on one of our public streets, you could just be captured, license plate first, and face second on a RATSS  free-for-view.

A digital with night-shot

A digital with night-shot properties does the trick. 

Flip video cameras

 Are fantastic. They run on 2 AA batteries, film 60 minutes, are cheap and easy to operate.

I filmed at night with one and it does a great job, plus it immediately uploads onto the internet - the software is internal so you can do it from any computer.

The one I have works that

The one I have works that way.  All I have to do is slide the memory card in and uses 2AA batteries - I always carry a supply in my jeep.  takes great zoom ins and movies too.



Street parking permits are

Street parking permits are an option and can be done.  But not until other options exist the bussiness are not leaving and they cannot give up parking they will loose bussiness.  

Nice gestures but your so right about it being temporary. 

if the median household income goes up it generate taxes say from 25K to 35k that about $1.8M annually in municipal income tax revenue.  If thats based on 9,000 household.   25,000 *.02 =500 annually 35,000 * .02=700 annualy

$200 *9,000 = $1,800,000 

This is what your MBA in public finance do, they want higher incomes and higher values for the property. 



So having adequate parking is imperative what makes the higher income earner want to live there they are not attempting to suburbanize it, they have distaste for that its what bring them to the city.

If they build parking in then it can shift the districts commercial parking away from public streets which can become permitted to residents. That will improve the value of your home and also your rental units.

Considering that their charter also is calling for more expansion of the commercial district then parking should come first not after.

The robotics offer more bang for the buck and also offer an opportunity for local manufacturing of the equipment.

Getting rid if flat lots and impervious surfaces also has benefits, it reduces the need to address the run off from larger lots and garages.

You better get your game on over there they are getting funding and they can really screw it up if not done intelligently. Nothing can cause more harm than dumb asses with to much to spend.

If your in an SII then do not stick out blend in and hold out and if you like then cash out.   Or you can just swim against the current if thats your thing, ever been to south beach, A1A is a maze of sidewalk dinning, ever try to park in NY or Chicago?  

I get the issues better talks soultions not problems, they thrive on solutions problems are a bummer.   

Welcome to RealNeo, Mr. Rahman 555555!

Welcome to RealNeo, Mr. Rahman 555555!

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

One video in a bar... the

One video in a bar... the next of him in his car... and Zack Reed was toast.

You need one video inside a Tremont bar, filming drunks getting drunk, and one video outside of the same drunks getting into their cars and driving away.


That happens a lot (the

That happens a lot (the drunks that is).



A digital with night-shot properties does the trick is very much good.

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