Our Government is lying to us - and we believe the lie - feels good!

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 02/11/2012 - 21:17.

These analogue TV's dumped in front of book donation boxes are a lucid example of how our government - local, state, and federal -  miserably fails us.

Across the United States corporations are encouraged to SELL SELL SELL (our "economy" is 70% "consumer" driven) - and yet our legislators never ask the obvious question: 

|What's going to happen to all the old crap which the new crap displaces?

Used tires are thrown over the local embankment into the wetland.

Discarded lottery tickets blown in the wind across our streets.

Beer cans and corn syrup delivery (pop) bottles litter everywhere we look.

Electronic CRTs pile up everywhere they can be discretely unloaded - e-waste full of mercury, cadmium, bismuth.

Visible to everyone, but our legislators don't address the problem.

  Or worse than not addressing it, when they do address it, "recycling" legislation is legislated at the municipal level instead of nationally - leading to each municipality charging a "fee" for pick up of tires,  CRTs, and other waste - the fee charged then GUARANTEEING that the item will be illegally junked - polluting the environment and leading to the MOST INEFFICENT recycling/recovery possible.   

The answer is so simple: mandate that the corporations which sell the products MUST take back the products when the products become worn or obsolete or unwanted.

Too Simple.

Instead, lie to the public.   Let the public believe that LIBERTY means you will have beer cans in your bushes, and junk TVs dumped next to every vacant house in your neighborhood.    Spread the problem around.  

Our system is a lie.




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