Our Reward For Being Good Neighbors, In East Cleveland: "You Bad Hom Boy"

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 09/07/2009 - 14:45.

Hate Message on Roxbury, East Cleveland

You can sure feel the tension on my street and in my neighborhood, because some neighbors started speaking up about problems in the neighborhood and with other neighbors, who are causing harm. While my street has quieted down, there is bad energy here and directed from surrounding streets, from which teens have come to start fights here.

I don't know if any of our other neighbors are at all visible or open in their expressions of outrage, but I have confronted troublemakers and their guardians directly, so I know the neighborhood knows I have had enough and will respond to problems here. There seems to have been some intimidation and retaliation against my family, in response.

Yesterday, when we returned home to East Cleveland from an outing, we found a box of plaster from a neighbor's trash heap dumped on our front yard. This morning, I noticed somebody wrote "You Bad Hom Boy" in chalk on our sidewalk. These seem like the acts of youths, and it has been youths who have been causing all the trouble I've seen in our neighborhood.

However, this may also be a result of us having a Gary Norton for Mayor of East Cleveland sign in our front yard, or intimidation from outside this real community, for other causes, like me being outspoken about lead poisoning and the environment, on REALNEO.

We find ourselves in a smog of so many evil forces here, right now, in real NEO, it is nearly impossible to determine what force causes what effect.

Certainly, more to come.

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Webcam in Italian Cultural Garden

Norm:  what's happening with the webcam you installed in the Italian Cultural Garden?  Did it get the opera performance earlier this year?  Thanks. 

No live video from Italian Gardens, but some recordings

Haven't found right support for community wifi from leadership outside the Cultural Gardens (this is not a problem in the Cultural Gardens, where the leadership seems great) so I have had to find a new approach to bringing wifi and video there - need to find different "leaders" outside the gardens. So, I'm not sure when this will be possible.

We did record the opera in hi definition and put some coverage and clips on REALNEO - they are here:



And a taste:



Disrupt IT

Installing public Wifi

If a private citizen or group wishes to donate the installation and cost of running wifi access in a public space--how is that negotiated? 

Tremont has a free wifi radius--how was it facilitated?  I notice that this site died somewhat in 2008.  Whatever happened to the promise?

my opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer, my spouse, my cat, my neighbors, my extended family or anyone I happen to acknowledge on the street, bus, etc.

Ask Bill Callahan and his OneCommunity about Digital Divide

I'm so disgusted by everyone affiliated with OneComunity and all they have done to advsnce social injustice here I will save detailed analysis of their escalating role in the failure of our new economy here for another in-depth report. For now, I will say Bill Callahan appears to work for OneCommunity so ask him what he is paid to do.

Don't bother asking anyone else at OneCommunity, or City Hall, or anywhere else in unreal NEO, and don't expect a satisfactory answer from Callahan, as this situation with our immense digital divide was his job to solve, which he has been paid with public money to address for over a decade now... and running!

Disrupt IT

?Free Wifi Spots in NEO?


Is this the best list of FREE open wifi spots out there in NEO?  

I have a visitor looking for access tomorrow...within City of Cleveland limits.

disclaimer --my opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer, my spouse, my cat, my neighbors, my extended family or anyone I happen to acknowledge on the street, bus, etc.

one community

Norm, I do not know anything about the OneCommunity issues, and just this year approached my neighbors about ways to extend wireless on our street, and will be moving on that over the winter. I am not interested in fighting battles but I am interested in extending wireless and some neighbors have agreed to contribute their DSL and cable connections to the efforts. I just have to measure and buy repeaters and routers. Cleveland is so old school that I am by passing the fighting and  all that and hope by doing this on one street that others will wake up around us and repeat it themselves. I think that this is one of the ways that we get things done around here and it saves the energy for fighting the bigger stuff.  I am planning for a quiet winter where is is possible to get this kind of stuff done, and if I make it happen, I will report here on it. Please note: I am not getting paid for this, and there is not any public funds being used. I will consider myself lucky if a few people on the street chip in on the cost of the repeaters.

It is nice you are doing this for your neighborhood

And is is pathetic that you must.

You will find it is not difficult or expensive to bring wifi to your street, and you will wonder even more why your very well paid leaders of our supposed new ecnomy, like the sad yet universally praised folks at OneCommunity, have not addressed the digitial divide here, in their near-decade sucking HUGE AMOUNTS of public funds from the region... this was supposed to be our Third Frontier... more like Third Reich.

Oh, yeah... they have work to do for the Cleveland Clinic.

That really helped our new and old economy grow... not!

What is in this posting will light a street for nearly no equipment costs - we already did that, and OneCommunity knows that very well. They do not want to spend our money on such sensible solutions, or helping regular citizens of real NEO cross the digital divide... OneCommunity is all about supporting a few sorry geeks and their sponsors.

Disrupt IT


 I already have wondered about this Norm, but just need to set that aside and get it done. I will probably be asking you for TA advice as I proceed. My neighbors to the north retired and just help set up a food pantry at their church. They place the order for the pantry on line with the Food Bank. They have a laptop thanks to a donation but have to go to a coffee shop to get the wireless to place the order. Once this is done, they can do it from home at their leisure. The main person from Gather 'Round Farm further down the street will be able to check the farm e-mail and I hope manage her website. I do it for her now. We also have a street yahoo group that half the people don't belong to because they have no internet service. If we post a safety alert, half the people don't get it. So it isn't me being nice as much as trying to help move us along. Once we are up and running, we (I) will move to teaching people how to use the internet and how to get computers. Most of the people who don't have internet service don't have a computer. Once the service is available, this may prompt them to get one, and participate in a type of coop of wireless. Who knows, maybe they will join realneo.

Folks need to advertise their free wifi

  The visitor will be heading to Civilization, Southside and Visible Voice tomorrow in Tremont.  He has been working all week using the wifi available in the libraries. 

Visible Voice doesn't advertise their free WiFi...how many other locations are missing out on the possible business traffic?

disclaimer --my opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer, my spouse, my cat, my neighbors, my extended family or anyone I happen to acknowledge on the street, bus, etc.