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It is almost inevitable.  I open the Plain Dealer and want to punch someone.  I am outraged that this newspaper mangles the truth and puts out propaganda towards their agenda--evidently assisting GCP, Forest City, their installed political representatives, and others in the demo/construction/mob industry, who have hatched some secret long-range master plan for real estate in Northeast Ohio. 


Local writer Andrew Swiniarski, who goes by several aliases, fictionalized the scheme in the Cleveland portal series:



Plain Dealer's Steven Litt writes about demise of John Marshall and notes the opposition as a footnote:

Plain Dealer's Brent Larkin writes about promising CMSD student, but neglects to mention that his mother Olga Sarbinowska ran against Tony Brancatelli in Slavic Village:


Plain Dealer's Michelle Jarboe McFee doesn't mention that City of Cleveland killed competing Sansai composting business in Collinwood to promote the Forest City project:


And so it goes--another day--information, propaganda, news??? 

By the way--who killed East Cleveland??

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Support Roz McAllister against Tony Bracatelli

Councilman Westbrook DENIES ALL short-term action plans relating to Fifth Church. See those requests at,http://www.savefifthchurch.com/requests.htm

Don't allow a RETAIL STRIP CENTER to replace a historic landmark, SIGN OUR PETITION & encourage others,http://tinyurl.com/a5rxmqy


Over on FB- the discussion on Fifth Church on Cleveland|Lakewood  border reveals several dirty truths:


"No one wants to see people lose their homes, but this is absolutely necessary for our future," Cain said.

Echoing the views of many national experts on urban development, Cain said suburbs such as Lakewood can either break a few hearts by using the power of eminent domain or can go the dismal way of Cleveland, the overtaxed, depopulated city next door.



This is about eminent domain - without having to explicitly use the words "Eminent Domain"- here's why CDCs are DIRTY: 

Renate Jakupca: About 15 - 20 years ago, the Detroit Shoreway Development Corporation was the main culprit in Cleveland of the technique of using public Eminent Domain to take over private land for private use. Many homeowners in the DSDC area had their property declared condemned and taken over by Mayor Jane under the guidance of the DSDC. Back then no one did anything but when Lakewood tried the same thing, people started to react.


What did Tony Brancatelli do before he was appointed to City Council???  He was the head of Slavic Village Development Corporation.

Brancatelli served as executive director of the Slavic Village Development Corporation for 17 years. 

Look up Slavic Village Development in the Cuyahoga County auditors site - pages of properties in the CDCs name -mothballed.





I encourage readers to SUPPORT all of the candidates who run against the existing slate of candidates in Martin Sweeney's machine -