Perry Nuclear Generating Station under intense scrutiny by federal regulators probing safety issues - 35 miles from cleveland

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"It shows that people are violating basic safety procedures and if they don't care about their own safety, how can they care about your's or the community's?" Bryan Reo said.

"They misunderstood the conditions," Casto said. "That instrument was highly radioactive." Casto called it a "near miss" of "significantly overexposing some workers."

But our exclusive 5 On Your Side investigation reveals that problems continue at the plant.

Last March, NRC inspectors found "performance at the plant continued to exhibit weaknesses." And in June, low level radioactive wastewater spilled onto the floor.

Jennifer Young is a FirstEnergy spokeswoman who said a pipe broke while moving from a storage tank to a shipping container.

But documents obtained by NewsChannel 5 indicate the company waited six months before it ultimately found that an "emergency condition" should have been declared under NRC regulations.

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