Neighborhood Housing "SOLUTIONS" pays pervert with YOUR MONEY

Neighborhood Housing "Solutions" continues to compensate child molester wannabe Michael Cosgrove with his obscene salary of over $150,000 per year to troll the internet AT HOME for a nice 15 year old suburban white girl to have sex with. What do you think his screen name is? Carlos Danger Too?  Federal Funds ALL FROM YOUR TAX DOLLARS are still paying Michael Cosgrove. HE HAS NOT BEEN FIRED!!  WOW just WOW! AND not only THAT, Neighborhood Housing "Solutions" is ALSO using YOUR TAX DOLLARS to pay an attorney!! WHAT BETTER USE OF HUD FUNDS INTENDED TO HELP THE POOR CAN YOU POSSIBLY IMAGINE than paying a VERY EXPENSIVE ATTORNEY from Buckingham, Doolittle and Burroughs to protect Michael Cosgrove's "RIGHTS" and "handle all press inquiries" regarding his ummmmm....what shall we call it....unspecified legal difficulties? NOTHING BUT THE BEST legal assistance for Michael Cosgrove Head Pervert at NHS. Neighborhood Housing Services according to their 2016 IRS 990 "provides ongoing programs for achieving and sustaining the American Dream of home ownership". Because hundreds of thousands of dollars of their budget have now been diverted from helping impoverished Cleveland home owners achieve and sustain their dream of home ownership to helping caucasian attorney and EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF NEIGHBORHOOD HOUSING SERVICES Michael Cosgrove achieve HIS AMERICAN DREAM OF HAVING SEX WITH A MINOR, EVEN MORE poor minority Cleveland families will now be homeless. But really that's A OK because Michael Cosgrove has a mortgage and family too! At 295 E 149 st which he bought for $64,000 in 2013 and IMMEDIATELY refinanced it for $83,000 in 2014. For a house in Collinwood now worth $44,000 according to Zillow. Michael Francis Cosgrove is EXACTLY the kind of homeowner that caused the housing collapse 10 years ago. EXCEPT he makes 6 figures NOT minimum wage. Refinancing past all reasonable home value. He needs to take one of the Responsible Home Owner classes offered at Neighborhood Housing Services. Now that he has free time while on paid “leave” while charged with a felony. Since he does not have an attorney on record for his case, soon we'll be hearing that he is indigent and needs a public defender. From Buckingham perhaps??? The Business Law Firm.

Insiders working HARD to let pervert Michael Cosgrove walk

Since November 28 when pervert Michael Cosgrove walked out of the county jail, on a very small bond for a serious charge, there have been no updates on his case. No new court date has been set. And why NOT exactly? He doesn't even have an attorney on record. Well it's because he has VERY important "connections" "in the system" who are working overtime to make this case of child molestation disappear without a trace. And not only THAT he will THEN get his 6 figure job at NHS back because..... ummm well uh... because well just because. AND more importantly he's white.  AND also he is WHITE and an attorney. And because he is an attorney actually he SHOULD be held to a much higher standard. Instead all strings are being pulled to make sure his "reputation" is not besmirched just because he was trying to have sex with a 15 year old in Parma Heights ON A WORK DAY!  Whoever is pulling strings to let him walk away with ALL CHARGES DROPPED FOR THIS VERY SERIOUS FELONY NEEDS TO BE EXPOSED. The state should take those adopted black children back. He’s a pervert under indictment and an unfit parent.

UPDATE Pervert Cosgrove to be arraigned on......NEW YEAR'S EVE

MORNING CRIME UPDATE.  Michael Cosgrove FINALLY faces arraignment...on NEW YEAR'S EVE.... for 3 charges. Count 1 statute 2907.04 A attempted unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. Count 2 statute 2907.07 D(2) importuning. Count 3 statute 2923.24 A possessing criminal tools. If he doesn't have an attorney one will be assigned. New year's EVE though........will it be continued??

PERVERT UPDATE! Over 18 and needs to submit DNA sample

Attorney Ian Friedman has been hired by Pervert Michael Cosgrove with the ENORMOUS salary he is STILL BEING PAID with your tax dollars. He ALSO has to submit a DNA sample within 24 hours. The almost out of business“Plain” Dealer did a public relations piece on Neighborhood Housing “Services” about how totally awesome NHS is, justifying how NHS is wasting YOUR TAX DOLLARS continuing to pay this pervert.