Plain Dealer machinations again...Please BELIEVE!!

Submitted by lmcshane on Wed, 10/23/2013 - 03:18.

Plain Dealer editorial choices for council are again - a joke.  I can't wait to read their "endorsement" for Sweeney.  What creative spin will they use this time???


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PD endorsement = UNREAL


Of the PD editorial board members, all but Chris Evans, live outside the City of Cleveland. This, of course, gives them the mighty right to dictate our vote. I am sickened by this endorsement, but not surprised

Cummins Abuses Franking Privilege -Vote Kazy

In the final weekend before the November elections - Brian Cummins finally puts out a trifling and pathetic newsletter to residents.  

I have campaigned and I can only do so much.  If our electorate is so dumb, so anesthetized to being treated like crap - then you all deserve the same old sh#%t.  Vote for the incumbents...we are doomed to the same.