Plum Tomatoes - FIFO?

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 09/20/2010 - 11:39.

plum tomatoe abscission layer translucent skin ripening image 9.19.10 jeff busterDo the earliest blossoms on the cluster produce the earliest ripening fruit (the inventory/accounting First In First Out system)?  Or the other way around?

What chemistry in the skin of the fruit changes by the day to allow the coloring to segue from dark green, through yellow and orange, to red - almost by the hour?

How is it that the chemistry in the abscission layer in the stem of each fruit is informed when the individual fruit is mature - and releases each plum individually (notice one plum is already off at the left, the red plum's abscission joint is opened, and the left hand orange fruit's abscission is cracked)?

Where else besides jelly fish and certain frogs have you seen translucent skin - allowing you to see the cells and circulation inside?  Both plants and animals have translucency as a feature.

Personal observations: another advantage of growing things yourself.


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