port authority - worn to a raveling

Submitted by Susan Miller on Fri, 11/20/2009 - 20:07.

Cleveland- Cuyahoga County Port Authority will rethink move to East 55th Street, plans for container ships

By James F. McCarty,The Plain Dealer

November 20, 2009, 6:46PM

Yeah! Keep right on rethinking. Rethink right on to locate the CDF somewhere else - Dike 14 has suggested some other options.

And let Carney go. And I'll be glad to read that the new Cuyahoga County leaders are rethinking Medmart and innerbelt and opportunity corridor, too.

Keep on with the rethinking, ya'll.

Imagine seeing the back of Carney and Hagan and Kennedy and Falanga, Madden, and fill in your own blanks here.


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lemme guess

The Issue 6 crew is gonna give Carney a gig as a county rep.