post office heros delivering 749 brayton mail to 753 brayton our home yesterday & today - were is our mail going & 3-20-2014

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(ALSO HAPPEN TODAY 3-20-2014 - post office heros delivering 749 brayton ave one resident last name "rey" (two family) mail to 753 brayton ave our home  - yesterday & today - 4 pieces of mail each day and no mail addressed to 753 brayton - were is our mail going - unless we received no mail the last two days - could it be a  simple mistake - or other wise - yesterday i toke 749 brayton mail to their home next door and set it inside their door - today i left 749 brayton mail in our mail box sticking out with a note to the post office hero delivery person - so lets see what happens - as our camera tapes every thing - cheers sophia and guy

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USPS delivering dyslexically

 Hello Guy,    

I have had the same experience recently - maybe once or twice a month the mail is scrambled with a neighbor's mail, and vice versa.   

From my quick analysis of the street numbers on mail incorrectly delivered to me, I wouldn't be surprised if dyslexia was a piece of the problem