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Submitted by CleveEngSoc on Tue, 12/23/2008 - 12:19.

I've been submitting events for my organization but am having some trouble entering the event location -- I can't type text in the blanks. Please advise. Thanks!

Thanks for posting - I love seeing your events - tech support?!?

I've been really interested to see all the great events you hold - it's like looking inside another world of real NEO. And it seems realneo thinks engineers are important... 

I can't imagine why you couldn't enter locatons - I entered them for you. The best way to find out is email at the contact link and that will go to Jeff Schuler - he'll figure it out (if he doesn't resond here first...). 

It occurs to me we need a "HELP" link in the header menu that goes to a tech support forum... what do you all think? 

Disrupt IT

REALNEO tech support

Actually, rather than emailing me, I think the best way to lodge site issues is in a manner accessible by all -- where the whole community may be able to help you, and where the answer can remain for other folks having the same issue in the future.

The place for that is probably in the REALNEO Site forum, which I think we should highlight more prominently and include as part of our help documentation.

(I see that we're having some forum issues, too...)

more info, please

CleveEngSoc, I could use a little more info on what's happening -- please see the questions posed at the [REALNEO Site] forum topic I've started for this issue: Editing Location fields on Events.


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Will keep in touch with further info.