Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Is Approaching Earth On 13th/14th September 2012!

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MessageToEagle.com - On 13th/14th September 2012, a potentially hazardous asteroid is approaching Earth.

During the flight the asteroid 2012 QG42 will be a quite visible bright object that can be observed using even middle-class telescope.

It was discovered by astronomers from the Catalina Sky Survey, Arizona on the 26th August 2012 in cooperation with their colleagues from Italy.

The problem is that the asteroid will pass close to Earth only 18 days after its discovery!

This rather large (500m) Near-Earth Object (NEO), is classified as a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid (PHA) due to its size (200-500m), and the proximity of its closest approach to Earth - within 0.019 Astronomical Units.


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