"One Nation" painting MARVELOUS WORK

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Read the explanation below the painting and then view the painting. 
You can move the mouse over any person, or object (Capital) and the right side of the screen gives a description of that person. Just move the mouse, don't click. All the [great and common] men and women, children, papers, all close up and detailed when mouse over.

Notice Jesus Christ in the center. All his garments 
are explained.

Notice Jesus Christ holding the U.S. Constitution. 
Satan is also in the painting. 
Very interesting presentation.
This is an incredible painting by Jon McNaughton.
This painting represents McNaughton's response to criticism of 
"One Nation Under God."
And if I can add,  snips from [see site for full story]   http://www.wnd.com/index.php?pageId=116974 

The website states that the declaration calls upon all fellow citizens to join in defending "fundamental truths about justice and the common good," namely:

  • The sanctity of human life
  • The dignity of marriage as the conjugal union of husband and wife
  • The rights of conscience and religious liberty

    Chuck Colson, among other religious leaders, announcing the Manhattan Declaration

Over 150 Orthodox, Catholic and evangelical Christian leaders have signed the Manhattan Declaration, a pledge

"Inasmuch as these truths are foundational to human dignity and the wellbeing of society, they are inviolable and nonnegotiable," the website states. "Because they are increasingly under assault from powerful forces in our culture, we are compelled today to speak out forcefully in their defense, and to commit ourselves to honoring them fully no matter what pressures are brought upon us and our institutions to abandon or compromise them."

The language of the Manhattan Declaration itself, however, is even more bold:

"We are Christians who have joined together across historic lines of ecclesial differences to affirm our right – and, more importantly, to embrace our obligation – to speak and act in defense of these truths," the declaration states. "We pledge to each other, and to our fellow believers, that no power on earth, be it cultural or political, will intimidate us into silence or acquiescence."

At a D.C. press conference last week, Dr. Robert George of Princeton University, one of three leaders who drafted the declaration, affirmed that if laws require Christian doctors and hospitals to perform abortion or euthanasia, if the government demands churches bless homosexual 'marriage' or any other dictates attempt to force Christians to act against their moral convictions, there will be no compromise. Recalling the actions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. years before, George said there may even be call for Christians to engage in civil disobedience:

"We hope and pray that it does not come to this," George said, "that the impositions on conscience will not require anybody to practice civil disobedience. But if it comes to it, as it came to it for Dr. King on the great issue of racial justice, then we have to be prepared to make sacrifices.


"We've always said that we will never compromise what we believe," Colson said, "but this is the first time that all of us have come together across confessional lines and said, 'We're prepared to pay the price. You cannot cross this line, otherwise we will pay the price – we will suffer if we must to avoid doing evil.'"

"'Suffering,' being what?" Huckabee asked.

"'Suffering' being prison, loss of your tax exemption," Colson answered. "We're saying, 'If we're a doctor and we're told to perform an abortion or to refer someone for an abortion, we will refuse. And if you want to put us in prison, put us in prison.'"

[///] A line in the concrete, and a team of powerful people to back it up.

Amazing, As is the painting in the first link, a must see. Betty


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sav cash

the shoe drops. 

oh, we are all going to hell.

You can go to the website that she is a part of to buy your copy of Sarah Palin's book, or Glen Beck's book. A portion of the proceeds go straight to her political party. Hey, but it is all love, right? Right of the right wing.

Just make sure that the one that you love is white, straight, Christian, middle income or higher income, Republican, appalled at the current state of the GOP.

After a while you just know

Just outside Atlanta, in Marietta where I grew up--moved away--am living now, KKK rallies were held regularly on the town square.  When I was born, Blacks were treated in the basement of the local hospital. 

We weren't allowed upstairs in the real hospital.  Although in my case, because my mother and I would have died otherwise, the progressive white doctor who delivered me, did escort my mom up to the white maternity ward to use the full facilities of the hospital--saving my and my mom's life.

Clearly, intelligent, creative, loving white men do exist--putting integrity and compassion above all else.

Sadly, there are too few of these guys around.

Marietta is located in Cobb County, the home of Newt Gingrich, so believe me when I say I can spot a homophobic, FOX News watching, Sarah Palin lovin', women-hatin' bigot a thousand miles away.

After a while you just feel when someone of that mindset is in the room.

And while Marietta, like the rest of America, has changed through the years.  Like the rest of America, it's still very much the same.

Were that not the case, the Republican Party as it exists today would not be so.  There would be no FOX News--a tv station controlled by an angry, cynical, greedy white man, which pays one homophobic, racist white man after another to propagate a message of hate. 

If the US were a place of equality, there would be more black governors and senators.  We would have had several women Presidents--Vice Presidents--by now.   All consenting adults would be allowed to marry, regardless of color or gender.  Public schools and transit would be well funded, regardless of who it served.  America would not be committing genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan, nor financing the white Israeli's to genocide the [non-white] Palestinians.  Banks would not redline.  And corporate welfare induced poverty would be a thing of the past.

In other words, America would be a place of liberty and justice for ALL.

That said, I can only hope that RealNeo survives the ongoing, stealthy attempts of hostile takeover by those masquerading either as the propagators of religious love, libertarianism, scholars of critical thinking and/or rebels of conservatism.  All of whom are really hardline extremist, supporting military aggression, forced pregancy, the death penalty, patriarchal white supremacy, imperialism, dogmatic brain-washing, cynicism and vilification of anyone who refuses to live in fear.

HATRED and FEAR...when you boil that [sav cash, skepticalthinker, et all] message and mentality down, the rhetoric falls apart, the steam and smoke clears, and all you're left with--HATRED and FEAR.

Abolish hate talking FOX and that other jackass on AM radio. 

Dismantle the predatory, cynical, vitrolic, white supremacist Republican Party.

The sooner the better.







excuse me

I have never said one thing against Black people, yet here we are, saying these lies... you want to wallow in an "ACORN" mentality, have at it and go for it.

Socialist seems fine for you, it is not for the majority of free Americans. If that is what u want, I am not going to debate it nor speak of reasons why it always fails. You seem to like to throw negative names and trash around, unprovoked and certainly un-needed. Fine with me, after all, this is American and we are free to have our own opinions.

You see the difference I hope, you try to trash others and not speak to the issues that you feel are wrong, just grouping people with lies saying there are messages of hate and fear, when in fact, that isn't true at all. While nothing I have said anywhere cast negative [generally grouping] toward any people.  Nor am I, I can not be provoked to stoop that low.


Me? Yea, I like Sarah Palin, but nope, I am not a Republican, I am an independent. And as for voting, I think many people are asleep and buy into the big lie they are told, without any in depth research.  [//]

Wm Wagener on LIVE TV shows the tesitmony FOX & CNN will not show TV viewers,
Eugene Curtis programmer testified in Ohio about how he was asked to WRITE the PROGRAM
to steal , "flip" , elections using the machine scanning technology.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyBCwkybTl8 





http://votingmachines.procon.org/viewresource.asp?resourceID=000273 -----------------------

I'll end on the note that I believe there is an UNCONSTITUTIONAL SHADOW GOVERNMENT - and has been for decades!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MM7ecP64mmA    There is much to prove that, read NWO as well.

(Google it), Merry Christmas, Betty


The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

sav cash

you are part of a group that feels that the current GOP is too moderate. You are sowing the seeds of hatred and not taking responsibility for it.

If there was a shadow governmnt, and there was from January, 2001 to  January, 2009, then name it: Dick Cheney, among others. It is certain that at some point he will be tried in the Hague, and convicted of crimes against humanity.

The Republic of the U.S.A. elected Obama. Get over it.

Other than the above, I refuse to debate your nonsense and be pulled into the arena that the right wing creates.

Happy holidays to you and yours,


i'd like to make love to sahra palin and i'm a commy - kidding

'd like to make love to sahra palin and i'm a commy -  just kidding about the commy - opposites attract - i was once envolved with a deep cover law enforcement agent - female - and after we made love and we would go to sleep - at times i would awake  and not let on that i was awake with my love whispering post hypnoptic suggestions in my ear - like tell me the truth - where are the bodies buryed and how much money do you have etc. - i was conditioned aganist brain washing etc. in the military so it didn't work - so why did i stay with my aquaious and i'm a leo - opposites - and at times we would play the game of truth with questions and she knew that i knew - so why did she stay with me- chemiistry my dears -

we parted because the male mostly doesn't know how to love the female as much as the female wants and needs

so i have a dog yogi and yogi is teaching me how to love much more and the other dogs before yogi - so i think i' ready to love much more

since i can tolerate yogi with his crabby growling mood swings passive agressive - if yogi gets into bed first he won't let me in and yogi growls and won't move over so i have to plead with yogi - and yogi gets all the females - and when i ask for a kiss he growls - when i want to huge yogi he growls - etc. - so i'm ready for any female human no matter how she acts

we learn the most from the ones we don't agree with-

thats why realneo coop is the best - if we ever take away comments post etc. - realneo  coop will end

yogi and guy http://www.nationalwardogsmonument.org/

Don't let Yogi hear 'bout Sarah.

Hello Guy, just a friendly bit of info here, but I want to let you know I saw Yogi at the Public Library last week and from what I could overhear he was enrolled in a web literacy class.

Man, if Yogi learns to read Realneo and picks up on your confession that you're not a commie, etc, Yogi's mood swings may mean Tremonters will have to put in a collection for a new domestic situation for you.  

We need to develop some difficult-for-canine-to-break-code here....

Happy Thanksgiving, jeffb

Hate Speech is not Free Speech


Freedom of speech is paramount, but does that mean we should allow people to speak out of turn to call the President a "liar" during a historic, international speech?  As did Joe Wilson, the Republican Congressman--championed by FOX News.

Are we to allow students to address teachers with slurs?  And should we to allow cynical individuals, using public airwaves, to fan the flames of homophobia, racism and religious bigotry?

When "relentless" bullying results in an 11 yr old committing suicide, should we as a people not speak out of such an injustice, feigning a solemn allegiance to the virtues of free speech--whatever the cost--however putrid and hateful?

And what about this cyber-bulling incident that resulted in a 13 yr old committing suicide--the bullying having been done by an adult, is that acceptable?

There are many ways to express hate.  Yet no matter how thinly veiled hate talk is, whether wrapped in a false patriotism or religious fever, it's still hate.

The Republican party, FOX News et all are driven by unAmerican, unPatriotic, hateful, racist, misogynistic principles.  And no amount of Orwellian--Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, Help America Vote Act--doublespeak can fumigate this foul, wretched, mind-fucked mentality into being logical, reasonable, acceptable or respectable.

It's vile.  It sucks.  It needs to go away.

Bush created the terrorized world we live in today.  With the help of FOX News, he and Cheney--more than Saddam, Putin, Chavez, Castro--or any other supposed "evil", have done more to harm America.  To the extent that their criminal acts and wrong doings, if brought to trial, would literally take up volumes of cataloging—creating a veritable encyclopedic compendium of prosecutorial documentation requiring a staff of archivist just to cite and file the endless offences.

So when for instance, the Bush Junta lied, lied, lied, lied, lied, lied, lied, lied, lied, lied, lied, lied, lied, lied, lied, lied about EVERYTHING, including weapons of mass destruction, to say the least, should we chalk that up as freedom of speech too?

Sarah Palin, the latest FOX News darling, is not only rogue, she's wrong...in every imaginable way.

She, the Republican Party, FOX News et all are the new equivalent of the old, racist, white Confederacy.

If they could get away with lynching lesbians and burning Muslims at-the-stake, you'd better believe they would.

These people have no intention of seeing Whites, Blacks and others cultures get along.  Nor are they interested, in any way, in allowing the Muslims to live in peace in their own land, on their own terms.

"We learn the most from the ones we don't agree with" that's what you say Guy.  And I must admit, it does sound nice to the ears.  It's a very sweet concept, and to an extent I admire your blissful, utopian idealism.

HOWEVER, what exactly am I to learn from a group of people who advocate the Death Penalty simultaneously advocating against a woman's right to have an abortion?  What am I to learn from a Party that created the horrific War on Drugs, several ongoing wars of aggression, illegal occupations, [hypocritical] nuclear proliferation, corporate welfare, homophobia, misogyny, defunding public schools, defunding the arts, media misinformation, criminal negligence, warrantless wire-tapping, etc., etc., etc.?

I'm all about liberty and justice for all.  AND I'm also about transparency and accountability.


Arrest the entire Bush Cabinet.  Ban hate speech from public airwaves--eradicating FOX News.  Hold the Party of Hate--the Republican Party--fully accountable for all its gross misdeeds.  Bring criminal charges against those who enabled the 2000 and 2004 coup d'etats--stolen Bush elections.

Like cigarette smoke, censure hate speech in public forums, including churches and other "religious' forums that propagate lies and deception, pretending to be about goodness.

Even with a bible and cherry on top, hate speech is not free speech.

It never has been--never will be!






 You said it all, so well. Those of us that are concerned about the world around us need to heed your well spoken posting and not be blinded by the saccharin coating of the lies handed to us. 

Lotus, Ring, Shell, Mace

Years ago I had a wonderful job.  It was a dream job that paid well with full benefits and all the overtime I wanted. 

However, I didn't appreciate it--showing up late, missing shifts.  I did work hard and I was well-liked by co-workers, but the bottom line was, I was not reliable.

After repeated warnings from Joyce, the General Manager, I got fired.

I resented Joyce for firing me.  I didn't like her.

I loved that job--working with all my friends in a classy establishment--and I blamed Joyce because she was, in my opinion at the time, a hard-ass bitch.

In my mind, Joyce took away my joy.

That was more than twenty years ago, and today I know the difference between helping and enabling, being nice and sweet malfeance.

Joyce did the right thing.  She fired my ass, because I deserved it.

Because in truth, Joyce was a good person.  She was an excellent manager.  And though she was not always nice.  She was honest, deeply committed, very professional and fair. 

Back when I lived in Namby-Pamby Land, where Barack Obama lives now, I used to value niceness over realness.  Above all else, I needed people to like me.  And I used to think sweet malfeance was an expression of integrity and compassion.

I used to believe in fear, low-expectations and scarcity.  I used to equate popularity with love.


Vishnu holds the lotus blossom, the gold ring, the conch shell and the mace.  Each representing a much needed attribute--preserving life, commanding order, bliss, beauty and wealth--being the embodiment of the Universal Dream in the micro/macro-cosmic planes of existence.

Referring to this discussion at hand, the mace is used to destroy deception--lies--falsehood and sweet malfeance.

I am not Hindi--or of any particular faith--though I really like the metaphor of some of the Hindu Gods.

Like Jeff B, I might be a deist.

Doesn't matter...

Thanks Debbie for your positive affirmation and solidarity.






truth tellers

Truth tellers are not always welcomed but we are very necessary.



Guy, U can find S.Palin on Facebook

http://www.facebook.com/sarahpalin and be 1 of her [to date, fairly new aount]  1,074,114 supporters (smile) but not to worry, she is not looking for a man, has a good one. Love will find u, look in all the common places.

Happy Holidays, Betty


The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

i think dwebb loves me she called me yucky me & dwebb married

i think dwebb loves me she called me yucky me & dwebb married ?

yogi and guy http://www.nationalwardogsmonument.org/


Guy, I do believe that Sarah Palin is the gal for you. Go for it. Good luck.


Anti deists, savcash casket sales, McNaughton”art”, Jesus, & etc

Hey Grand Jury,  
I looked through the folks in the McNaughton piece, and Jesus was certainly there, but I couldn’t find Allah, or Buddha, any five pointed stars or my own favorite Anti Deist symbol.  
Maybe you could help me find the part in the US Constitution which puts Jesus in front of the Capital?
Personally, I think I remember that the  McNaughton “art” image was used to sell Prozac, and the FDA made them pull it…maybe my memory is off…


post and comments

you'd be right, guy, that we can't take away comments. otherwise, I couldn't tell you how yucky this whole thing above is. Regards to yogi.