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 There have been some discussions recently about the integrity of my posts pertaining to my giveaways and reviews, and accusations of "spam".  If you'd like to understand my intentions, the review/giveaway process or to win prizes, read full article.

You are obviously creative

You are obviously creative and intelligent, It takes allot to get banned from this site. I know because on other sites I would have been booted along time ago. Your also tenacious which is good if you are in sales.

I will make a suggestion, maybe focus on the video and restaurant reviews and link back through your profile with a disclosure. But I imagine your revenue stream comes from sale of the actual products and linked sales through your site.

I don’t know but you may have real potential as a food critic and the video was really good. One link on this site and then an archive on yours with product links on yours. Then can you disclose? Please buy though me as it is how I get paid? I would avoid the buy this product from this person that has a second cousin in Cleveland.

Kickbacks and Critics

My "revenue stream" comes from my husband--thankfully!    I'm not getting paid for anyone's sales.  In some cases, I might be writing about an item that was given to me, but I am writing about my actual experience with the item.  My site is called "Tricia's Dish" the address is my own I know  that what I write will be out there for the world to see, so I do have integrity about what I write and the people/places I write about.  In my opinion, what I'm shouting from the rooftops about is worth hearing, but that's my personal opinion, and the world can (and most will) take it with a grain of salt (although I seem to have a pretty loyal group of readers who gasp--like it).

Reading though the "Advertising" section of my site, you can see how I do what I do. Not every place/person/company I write about is a sponsor.  But when they are, they are places and people I recommend because I personally think they have a cool concept, not because I'm getting some sort of kickback.  95% of the places who sponsor the giveaways on the site do so because I talked to them and said, "Hey you have a really great thing here, and it would be a shame for the world not to know about you..."

If you read my reviews, you'll notice I try to write is a description of how I feel about it, and a little bit about the individual, along with some "insider tips" or things that a person might find useful if they go there (ie: a friend of mine from Shaker just told me where to find the giant free parking lot behind CVS when I went to Sarava---I've long avoided Shaker because it seems like valet was the only option.  Now, I plan to get out to the North Union Farmer's Market soon too!)  

I appreciate the constructive feedback, though my motivation isn't to become a food 'critic'.  I'm not a "chef" nor do I feel I have the authority to criticize someone's life work (in fact, I stopped linking to Eating Cleveland because the criticism/negativity was annoying me)...but like a a lot of people, I'm  font-family:"Times New Roman","serif";mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman";
color:black">struggling "Times New Roman","serif";mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman";color:black"> trying to live consciously/ethically/stustainably/affordably/semi-healthfully, so the part of my site I haven't shared with the Real NEO community is a small (but growing) library of fitness and cooking stuff.

Along with that, I'm just hoping my site will be a window into some of the places you might miss if you don't know Cleveland (or if you're wanting to travel--Brazil) all that well--I was really fortunate when I worked for Scene Magazine about 5 years ago, to have a boss who was really excited about independent places--anytime we had to go on a sales call, we'd have lunch at some little place I didn't know about.  I was in my mid-20's and finally ventured East for the first-time!  Once I "discovered" places like LaCave du Vin & Heather Haviland's Sweet Mosaic cupcakes from Lucky's Cafe--I was hooked on trying to stay out of my "box" in Brooklyn/Old Brooklyn (most of my childhood friends can be found in a bar within a 3 mile radius of their childhood home on any given night out).  

I love to see all the little places cropping up when they do, and all of the people who still have hope in the city.  It's been a while since I went to Tremont, and yesterday, I was going to Fresh Fork Market and came across an amazing choclatier named Lilly who has the most adorable shop with wine, beer and the most beautiful (and unusual) handmade choclates that she & her husband make.  Although she's been there a year, she's in a little shop on Starkweather where a person who isn't a Tremont resident or exceptionally informed about the city may never hear about them.  I spent $22 on a box of chocolates, brought them home and photographed them, and plan to write about them.  Not because I have some pyramid scheme with Lilly (though I did give her a card & suggest she register to win, and maybe sponsor a giveaway), but because her place is cool as hell and I want her to be successful because she adds to our community. 

I do write for the Examiner (and the Old Brookyn News, AC, and a few others), and I am the "Exploring Cleveland" Examiner--a lot of what I am writing about now is in the hope that I'll build a nice library for people who want to "Explore Cleveland".  If you (or anyone else) wants to write about topics that interest  you, there are several open Cleveland channels on the site.  It's been a nice experience for me so far and they are very helpful but give you freedom to write and edit your content as long as it's relevant to your channel.  There is a referral program--but it's on the 'honor system' so if you decide to write for the Examiner, tell them how you heard about it.

Tricia Chaves

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Compensation at

Ms. Chaves, what is the method/manner of monetary compensation for your work at the Examiner?   For example, when you inserted the Bullfrog Mosquito Coast link into your Squire's Castle post, how are you compensated for that link insertion?  Does the link need to be clicked from your post, or does just opening your full post provide the same compensation?  

Realneo also operates on an honor system.





  The link is a separate


The link is a separate issue from Examiner.  The link was from  I have an Amazon Associate account (as can anyone) to where I would get 4% of a sale if someone were to buy anything in Amazon as a result of clicking through to their site from that link.  In my earlier days of writing, I used to just put links to products I recommended in my article, then later found out about Amazon’s associate program—I see no reason why (if there’s a way to) I shouldn’t get a little something if someone buys something I’m going to recommend either way. pays what is called “revenue share” (pay per click on your article) and the ads they place on the page where my articles run are completely out of my control.  





I do not understand how

I do not understand how anyone would see this site as a good place to advertise a carport, its mindless advertising and what spam is. A numbers game and for everyone that stops doing it, as they come to terms with the futility of it, another new one begins doing it.

The robotic car garages are smart, and that they should be used, not because space is limited, but to limit the use of space. Compacted within a smaller footprints and with green roofs used in the city to replace strip malls. More store fronts with one central robotic garage, I just wonder about the salt as a corrosive in the city though?  If I was selling them and I have thought about doing that, I would not be doing it on the web and not on this site.

I believe they should be municipally owned and operated and could be financed with bonds, that would be paid off with parking fees. If I was selling robotic garages I would be scheduling meeting with municipal leaders and present comprehensive cost benefit analysis.  I would not be a spamer.

I believe in regionalism and that RTA should own the garages all of them, and manage parking as a commodity. Ever station should have a garage and should be part of a hub, residential and commercial. These locations should also offer small vehicle rentals, it all about circles and hubs and clustering.

I do not care about names, they mean nothing or credential either, they represent falsities and also lead into logical manipulations, like for instance “a former NASA scientist said” that is manipulation. (Fallacies)  It must be valid, as its being stated by a scientist from NASA, a name associated would help and verify the validity of the person actually being a scientist. If I claim to be a nuclear physicists, then you can require credentials, but I am not. I am just sharing information, and not interested in sharing personal information particularly in association with some of the stuff Guy posts. That would require me to be subjected to fallacies for instance; guilt by association. I am and do not agree with the unsubstantiated and particular conspiracy theories. Some may associate me with that and my name and I am not feeling that.